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Oct 24, 2022

How much does it cost to hire software developers in Eastern Europe in 2022?

Eastern Europe it’s a region with highly skilled software developers. For sure, there comes a question “how much does it cost?”. Let’s take a fair review on prices of development services in this geographical area.
Oct 12, 2022

Overview of Software Developers in Poland

Let’s take a look at the software IT market in Poland and how Devler.io can help you find a skilled developer from.
Sep 29, 2022

Overview Of Software Developers In Ukraine

The Ukrainian IT pool is thriving and has enormous potential for hiring by companies from all over the world. Let us take a closer look at the benefits of Ukrainian developers and what distinguishes them from other Eastern European developers.
Sep 22, 2022

Software Developers from Eastern Europe in 2022: Which Country Suits Your Project?

If you are looking to hire a top remote developer, finding the right country in Eastern Europe with reasonable rates and qualified talent may be the best option:
Sep 08, 2022

Top Countries To Build a Remote Team of Software Developers in 2022

Hiring a qualified developer may be hard now due to the constantly growing IT sector. Devler.io shares the findings of a recent study on the Top Software Development Countries in the world:
Aug 29, 2022

Devler.io’s vetting process. Step-by-step guide on how we check developers

Devler.io has a strict vetting process in place to find experienced developers to join our Dev's Network. How can you pass it and become a part of our strong community? Let's take a look.
Aug 17, 2022

Don't do this! Top mistakes you should avoid as a strong Ruby on Rails Developer.

If you are tending to be a strong Ruby on Rails engineer then you definitely should know how to avoid some common mistakes like syntax errors, architecture issues and others, highlining in the article below:
Aug 08, 2022

Join Top 20 Telegram Channels For Finding & Hiring Web Developers

Discover the diverse potential of Telegram beyond messaging as we present the top-rated channels favored by users for learning, recruiting tech talent, and job postings.
Jul 26, 2022

Top 5 Alternative platforms for hiring software developers in 2022

Devler.io is frequently mixed up with platforms like Toptal and Upwork. But Devler.io has some significant distinguishing features which benefit clients and developers, let’s read about this:
Jul 01, 2022

Which Soft Skills are the must for you as a developer?

Excellent soft skills are an essential part of a developer's life today, especially when you work remotely. What are the Soft Skills you should have? How to improve them? Let’s find out ➡️
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