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Here is the ultimate guide on importance of using JavaScript for your product and where to find JavaScript engineers:
JavaScript remains the most popular and widely used programming language and web development language. You can disable JavaScript in your browser for a day to see just how much you depend on it. Some pages will load faster, be cleaner, have fewer ads, no pop-ups, and your computer's battery life may last longer. JavaScript interpreters are now installed and active on nearly every computing device in the world, including iPhones, Android phones, MacOS, Windows, Linux, smart TVs, and so on.
Knowledge of JavaScript and its various frameworks is essential for developers and companies looking to build powerful websites and applications. What makes JavaScript still so popular? Will it stay in demand for the future? Where to hire JavaScript coders? How Devler.io can be your next place to hire such skilled JS stars?

What Is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a multi-paradigm programming language that can be used on both the client and server sides to make web pages interactive. Whereas HTML and CSS provide structure and style to web pages, JavaScript provides interactive elements that engage users. JavaScript is commonly used in everyday applications such as the Amazon search box, a news recap video embedded in The New York Times, and refreshing your Twitter feed. By converting a static page into an interactive one, incorporating JavaScript improves the user experience of the web page. So, JavaScript adds functionality to web pages.

JavaScript Is For Everything

Yes, thanks to the JavaScript versatility, a range of apps can be created, just look at this impressive list of language usage:

Mobile Apps

JavaScript programmers can create products for both iOS and Android using the same basic skill set thanks to some of the frameworks we will talk about later here.

Interactive Maps

When it comes to creating maps, JavaScript is ideal. They can be zoomed in on and layered with information about specific locations. JavaScript can even be used to create maps of places that do not exist in reality.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is a relatively new and exciting field with limits that are only now being explored. Everyone uses it, from gamers to surgeons to interior designers. JavaScript is a powerful tool for working with virtual reality.

Booking systems

If you want guests at a restaurant to be able to book a table for a specific time, you'll probably need to use JavaScript. You could even show an interactive map of a restaurant, indicating which tables are open and when. The same benefits apply to cinemas, theaters, theme parks, and nearly every other attraction.


If you need to move visual elements around, Javascript will assist you. Javascript animations are extremely lightweight and can be tailored to the display device. Interactive animations can also be infinitely zoomable.

Server Applications

The immediate benefit of server-side scripting is that it allows content to load without regard for browser capacity. Reduced load times can lead to improved SEO and increased customer satisfaction.

Projects in AI and Machine Learning

JavaScript includes libraries to aid in the development of AI-related projects. TensorflowJS, for example, is a machine learning JavaScript library. The library can be used to create and train machine learning models.

JavaScript is the most widely used programming language in the world, with 97.0% of all websites using it as a client-side programming language.

How Does JavaScript Work?

The server is where the large bulk of web applications run. This basically means that for them to work properly, a remote server must be contacted by your gadget (like a laptop or smartphone). In this example, the client is the device. Following the establishment of a connection, the server can start providing data to the client. Although this procedure may seem drawn out, it is simple to understand why some web applications, like search engines, would depend solely on it.
In every other situation, it is obvious why developers favor JavaScript. The concerned programming language is responsible for executing inside a Web client, also known as an Internet browser, in client-side web applications. To retrieve web pages, this client interacts with the Web server. The browser comes with an interpreter that can read and execute the code. JavaScript functions exactly under these circumstances.

The Popularity of JavaScript

JavaScript is a popular programming language in various areas of development. Businesses use it to create dependable web and mobile apps. Moreover, JavaScript is also assisting businesses in marketing more quickly and increasing revenue.Let’s look at some numbers and advantages:
  • According to the TIOBE Index, Javascript is the 7th most popular programming language.
  • 69.8% of developers say JavaScript is their preferred programming language.
  • JavaScript is one of the few programming languages that is supported by all popular browsers.
  • The PYPL Index ranked JavaScript 3rd, behind Java and Python.
  • JavaScript can be used to create apps for both mobile and web platforms. This meant it was well-positioned to dominate when smartphones become popular.
  • Because JavaScript is so popular, there are many ready-to-use frameworks and libraries that can jumpstart projects, saving development teams a lot of money, time, and effort.
  • According to Stackoverflow, JavaScript has one of the largest communities of any programming language.
These are just a few of the benefits of using JavaScript. With the paradigm shift that resulted in the rise of web applications, unifying web application development, cross-browser support, and the abundance of libraries/frameworks available, the internet world has been fully invested in the growth of JavaScript.

Considering Using JavaScript For Your Product? Look At Companies Who Did It

Keep reading to learn about some of the Top Enterprise Companies and Start-ups where JavaScript is crucial and will be for the foreseeable future:
eBay is an ecommerce company best known for operating a consumer-to-consumer or business-to-consumer marketplace website. It makes extensive use of JavaScript for front-end and back-end programming. For a long time, eBay's tech stack was based on Java, but they have now migrated the majority of their user-facing stack to NodeJS.
Facebook, formally known as Meta, is a multinational technology company best known for its numerous contributions to the technology industry. It employs JavaScript to aid in backend and front end programming and to improve the interactive experience of users across all of its social media platforms. Facebook is also responsible for the creation of React, one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks.
Google is a large American corporation best known for its technological services, products, and web applications. The company is a big fan of JavaScript and uses it for a variety of things. Google is also responsible for the development of V8, the engine that powers Google Chrome and NodeJS.
Microsoft is one of the world's largest software companies, best known for its Microsoft Windows operating systems and the Microsoft Office suite. It used JavaScript to create its Edge browser and is a strong supporter of NodeJS. It also makes use of JavaScript for front-end and back-end web development.
Netflix is the most popular streaming service, allowing customers to watch a wide range of TV shows online from any device that has an internet connection. Netflix was once a big fan of Java, but as time passed, it began to prefer NodeJS. It used NodeJS to transform its interface into standalone web applications, which reduced server load.
Uber is a transportation company that allows users to hail drivers via a mobile application. On its website, JavaScript is used for both the front end and the backend. It efficiently handles large amounts of incoming data using NodeJS and JavaScript.
Reddit is a platform for social news aggregation and discussion. Registered users can post videos, photos, links, or text in specific threads or 'subreddits' for various topics. Other users can then upvote, downvote, and comment on the post to express their opinions.
Slack makes it easier to communicate with your teammates; you work in dedicated spaces called channels where you can collaborate with people inside and outside your organization in the same way you would in person. Furthermore, because Slack supports asynchronous work, you can work at your own pace while still having access to the necessary information regardless of your location.
Coursera, which was founded in 2012, is a hugely popular online course provider that collaborates with over 200 universities and businesses to offer online courses and certificates in a variety of subjects. The Coursera community is made up of over 87 million people who are learning and gaining professional certification from universities all over the world. Students can access affordable and job-relevant online learning, including hands-on projects, at their own pace.
Figma is a new but rapidly growing web-based vector graphics editor and prototyping tool.Figma is a user interface and user experience design platform that can be used to build websites, smartphone apps, and microservice components that can be integrated into other projects.It is significantly faster for professionals to design, build, and release designs while collaborating with other designers all over the world on a simple browser window. We took a look only on a very teeny tiny list of companies using JavaScript, in reality that list contains thousands of companies. Why are these and other businesses using JavaScript? Let’s jump below to understand the important features of this astonishing programming language.

Why Use JavaScript?

Why Use JavaScript?

Popular and evergreen technology

JavaScript has been around for over 25 years. And this is only if the technology has not become obsolete. Instead, JavaScript grew a large and supportive community along the way, and the number of its use cases expanded. This is one of the most popular programming languages in history, and thanks to browser updates, JavaScript performance improves year after year.

Huge Talent Pool

One of the advantages of JavaScript is that it has a large talent pool. There are 13,8 million JS developers for hire in the world, and their numbers are growing due to the high demand for JS development services and the ease of learning this technology. As a result, you have a wide range to choose from to hire javascript developers.

Great Versatility

When used professionally, JavaScript will suffice to construct both the front and backend of the application. Furthermore, JS is fully compatible with popular browsers, allows for the creation of adaptive designs, and is generally platform-independent. As a result, JavaScript is a popular choice for cross-platform development.

Allows To Create Stunning Interfaces

JavaScript is quite adaptable; it allows for a great deal of creativity and the implementation of effective user interface ideas. For example, JS is ideal for creating visually appealing sliders, drag-and-drop features, animations, and other UI components.

Tons Of Tools Available

Yes, by tools we mean frameworks and libraries. For example, the ReactJS library is a collection of ready-made UI elements that developers can use right away. AngularJS is yet another evergreen framework that is commonly used to create websites with complex architectures but still robust performance.

JavaScript Frameworks and Libraries

A variety of JavaScript libraries are also available, with prewritten and reusable code. These libraries enable developers to write less code, reduce bugs, and create products faster. Let’s take a closer look at these ones:

198k stars / 41.2k forks

ReactJS, one of the most popular JS-dependent libraries, aids in the creation of interfaces. It has become the front-end developer's preferred method for creating single-page application user interfaces (UI). ReactJS enables developers to create UIs that reuse components. This feature expedites the development process even further.

201k stars / 33.1k forks

VueJS, or simply Vue, is a relatively new JS framework. Since its initial release, this lightweight and adaptable JS library has grown in popularity. Why? Simply put, t Vue provides developers with extensive customizability. This makes learning, designing, and developing web apps on the framework easier and possibly more enjoyable!

63.5k stars / 3.1k forks

Svelte is a new JS framework that developers adore because of its user-friendly features. Furthermore, because it does not rely on traditional virtual DOM techniques, this JS framework allows for ultra-fast coding. This lightweight JS framework has been chosen by businesses such as The New York Times, and experts believe it will grow in popularity as it matures.

85.2k stars / 22.6k forks

Angular is one of the more mature and older JS frameworks available. Angular aids in the development of progressive web applications. It provides data assembly service for apps via dependency injection. It also includes an HTML template for creating guides. Angular includes four data libraries and is compatible with IDEs. These characteristics contribute to a robust development ecosystem.

This list isn’t full without NodeJS and TypeScript:

91.8k stars / 24.8k forks

Developers can use this JS framework to create server-side components. It is regarded as one of the best back-end frameworks for JS development. Its ecosystem contains the world's largest open-source libraries. Aside from that, because of its event-driven and non-blocking I/O model, NodeJS is lightweight and efficient. This is why NodeJS developers are known for their ability to create adaptable and versatile applications in a short period of time.

86.5k stars / 11.2k forks

Microsoft created TypeScript, which was released in 2012 after two years of development. It was designed to support optional static type checking, which is especially useful when developing large-scale applications. Interestingly, one of the reasons Microsoft created TypeScript was because their internal teams were having difficulty scaling JavaScript for Microsoft's own projects, particularly the Bing Maps team. TypeScript is open-source, and the code is written entirely in TypeScript.
The Top JS frameworks for JavaScript app development include React, Vue, Angular, NodeJS and TypeScript. While React is the most popular JavaScript framework in terms of overall usage and satisfaction, the others also have benefits.

What Is JavaScript's Future?

JavaScript's future is exciting and fascinating. It is ubiquitous in development and is used by industry titans. Furthermore, the growth and relevance of JavaScript are undeniable. It has a large community that is always willing to help. Moreover, JavaScript has a large ecosystem of frameworks and libraries. They make development easier and reduce developer effort. With new and emerging technologies, the number of frameworks grows by the day. As a result, JavaScript has the most mature ecosystem to assist developers. In addition, hybrid frameworks will enter the picture to meet the needs of diverse development. JavaScript is also undergoing constant evolution. Businesses are now attempting to incorporate artificial intelligence and machine learning into JavaScript development in order to achieve far better results. You can, for example, use machine learning to train a neural network to convert screenshots of graphic user interfaces into lines of code. To save time, you can also use artificial intelligence to convert sketch files to raw code. More innovations based on artificial intelligence and deep learning will fill the future of JavaScript. Nevertheless, the ECMAScript that implements JavaScript standards is updated once a year. As a result, businesses can always rely on JavaScript to create scalable apps in less time and cost in the future. Even in the future, hiring JavaScript engineers will be as relevant as it is today. There will be no reason for businesses or developers to look elsewhere than the JavaScript ecosystem.

Necessary Skill Set For A JavaScript Developer

If you would like to Hire Dedicated JavaScript Developers, you must be sure he is experienced not only in hard skills but also in soft ones too. The Must-Have Hard and Soft Skills for a JS developer are perfectly described in the table below:

Soft Skills
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Communication is essential in software development. Your hired JS developer must be an excellent listener and have a mature empathy.


Aka, critical thinking or creativity. A truly Top JS developer always knows when he needs to show his initiative. Moreover, he knows how to politely bring some valuable solutions to the existing issues on a project.


In other words, self-development. A developer with healthy self-awareness looks like a software engineer who is confident in what they know but humble when given the opportunity to learn.


It entails relying on a variety of other skills, such as time management, communication, and empathy, to ensure that your entire team runs smoothly.

Hard Skills
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Expertise in Core JavaScript

The most important aspect for a JS developer is learning the language itself. Be sure, he has a core understanding of the paradigm and control flow.

Client-Side Framework and Libraries

Many developers are perplexed in the market when it comes to selecting the best JavaScript frameworks. However, based on the job's perspective and learning curve, it’s either AngularJS or ReactJS.

Asynchronous Programming

Be sure your hired JS engineer knows about Prototypes, Hosting, Scope, Coercion, Promises, Callback, Closures, and Higher-Order Functions in JavaScript.

Writing Cross-Browser Code

It means that the website or application created by a JS developer should be compatible with a variety of browsers.

How Much Does It Cost To HIre A Top JavaScript Developer?

hourly$ 47.38
monthly$ 7580.8
The average rates for offshore software development services based on the YouTeam platforms’s data: 300+ outsourcing companies with a joint talent pool of 20,000+ software engineers.
How Much Does It Cost To HIre A Top JavaScript Developer?
If you are looking to hire Full-Time JavaScript Developers, it would be better to do some research about rates worldwide also. The United States has the world's largest labor market for software developers and IT specialists, but supply is limited, driving up wages in recent years. According to the job site Talent, the average JavaScript developer in the United States earns $114,277 per year, or $9523 per month. So, it’s pretty high. How about Europe? According to the jobs website Indeed, the average JavaScript developer salary in the UK is £58,900 per year or £4170 per month, rising to £69,545 per year or £4924 per month in London. The figures are based on 1500 reported salaries from across the UK, with over 700 from London. However, JavaScript developer salaries in the UK can exceed £90,000 per year, or £7500 per month for senior roles. Situation is much cooler in Europe when it comes to hiring JavaScript coders. Developers from Europe are highly proficient and have affordable hourly rates. Significant cost savings are still possible because taxes, social security, and pension contributions are generally lower. In Ukraine, the average JavaScript developer salary is around $3500 per month, or $42,000 per year, according to the local IT jobs portal Djinni.

Where To Find A JavaScript Developer?

There are many ways to hire remote JavaScript developers. You can use outsourcing or freelance services, or even hire inhouse. Despite all the advantages of these services, they also have some disadvantages. Let’s see:

Hiring a JS Developer inhouse

  • You personally oversee each development process, and you communicate with the staff on a regular basis to ensure that everyone is informed at all times.
  • Working together is easier and there are fewer misunderstandings when everyone takes the same approach and speaks the same language.
  • Freelance JavaScript developers can be costly because you have to spend more money on hiring, corporate perks, and equipment.
  • Lack of scalability and flexibility in that you must ensure that the employees you hire will have work or relevant projects to work on in the coming years; otherwise, hiring JS freelance developers may leave your company in search of a better opportunity.

Hiring through an outsourcing agency

  • Because there is no need to hire, train, or pay salaries, you save time and money when ​ it comes to hiring JavaScript contractor.
  • You have access to a large pool of qualified, talented experts who are eager to get started.
  • Developers may be unaware of your organization's institutional knowledge.
  • Adding JS developers to your team may be more expensive, but this will depend on the number of hours required to complete the task.

Hiring through freelance sites

  • Hire JavaScript specialists on freelance basis means you Only paying for the work itself.
  • Large skill set: you can collaborate with whoever you want.
  • You must waste your or your recruiter team time to search and validate experts.
  • Due to the numerous tasks that freelancers frequently have going at once, meeting deadlines may be difficult or freelancers can even “disappear”.
It will be good to have such a good place for finding a software developer which contains only all the benefits from hiring, won't it? And it exist - it’s Devler.io 🚀

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  • There are no holidays or days offs.
  • Direct communication between you and the chosen developer.

Devler.io’s developers passed through a 4-stage verification process to ensure that you are working with a qualified JavaScript developer.

We never hire individuals who have failed at any step of the process:

General Check

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Communication is very important for us and for our clients.

Hard Skills Check

We assess a candidate's coding abilities as well as their capacity to solve difficulties that arise during the development process.

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