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Swift is recognized as one of the most feature-rich programming languages for developing apps for iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS. While Apple devices continue to gain popularity among users worldwide, iOS-based apps are becoming increasingly important. Multiple companies are looking for dependable Swift developers to meet the rising demand for these products. Is it possible, however, to hire competent and talented Swift developers with experience developing iOS apps?

Let’s dive into the popularity of Swift language and how to find an expert in this field.

What Is Swift?

Swift is a clean and concise language that is rapidly growing in popularity. Swift was originally designed for native iOS development, but programmers now use it to write safe and easy-to-use code for operating systems such as Windows and Linux.
Swift, an open-source programming language developed by Apple, was designed to be a replacement for all C-based languages, including Objective C, C++, and C. The language was created in 2014 and made available to the public as an open-source project on Swift.org in 2015.
Tiobe research shows us that Swift has risen to the 11th most popular language among programmers in its short time as a programming language. At the same time, the PYPL index emphasizes an even better result - Swift here in 8th place.

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Swift features

  • 01.

    Powerful generics.

    Generics are powerful because they allow developers to write flexible, reusable functions and types that can work with any type.
  • 02.

    Native error handling.

    Swift provides the ability to throw, catch, and manipulate errors at runtime.
  • 03.

    Structs and classes.

    Swift allows you to define a structure or class in a single file and make the external interface available for use by other code.
  • 04.

    Protocol extensions.

    Swift enables you to define behavior on protocols rather than global functions or individual conformances.
  • 05.

    Memory safety.

    Swift manages memory automatically and prevents unsafe behavior in your code.
  • 06.

    Memory management.

    Swift tracks and manages our app's memory usage using Automatic Reference Counting (ARC). This means we don't have to worry about memory management.
  • 07.

    Flexible enumerations.

    Swift enums can have payloads and support pattern matching.
  • 08.

    Package manager.

    The Swift package manager is a cross-platform tool for building, running, testing, and packaging Swift libraries and executables.
  • 09.


    Swift employs the LLDB debugger, which includes a REPL and a debugger for integrated debugging, consistent formatting, failure recovery, and expression evaluation.
  • 10.

    Closure syntax.

    Swift has a lightweight closure syntax that has been optimized for clutter-free syntax and clarity.
As it already was mentioned before, Swift tends to replace Objective-C either but the last one is still used by other developers. So what are the differences between them? Let’s see:

Swift vs Objective-C

The Objective-C programming language is an object-oriented, general-purpose programming language. Prior to the introduction of Swift in 2014, it was the primary programming language used for OS X and iOS development. It combines C and Smalltalk features. Objective-use C's and popularity began to decline after the creation of Swift, though existing Objective-C apps will still need to be maintained.

What makes Swift the preferable alternative?

First and foremost, Swift is not the direct successor to Objective-C. Both languages have distinct capabilities that can be combined for mobile app development. Let us now compare the two languages side by side.


  • Swift allows you to develop in Xcode, Swift Playgrounds, Cocoa Touch, and other environments.
  • Swift is a modern, human-friendly language with a simple syntax, which means faster coding.
  • Swift, according to Apple, is 2.6 times faster than Objective-C.
  • Swift has extensive documentation that is constantly being updated.
  • The need for Swift developers is growing.


  • Objective-C is primarily used to develop apps in Xcode.
  • Because the language is less intuitive and human-friendly, using Objective-C typically results in slower coding speeds.
  • Objective-C is 2.6 times slower than Swift and requires more time to write due to its more complex syntax.
  • Objective-C has extensive documentation, but it is rarely updated.
  • Objective-C developers are in short supply.
Swift is a more desirable programming language to use because it is safer, faster, more intuitive, and interactive. Swift supports Objective-C interoperability, which means Swift code can coexist with existing Objective-C files. Swift also gives you full access to Objective-C APIs.

Key Advantages of using Swift for Business

Swift has a set of unique tools, allows for faster development, and has a high level of interactivity. As a result, it has become the preferred option for many business owners and iOS app developers. Let’s see why:
  • 01.

    It is still relatively new on the market

    Apple Inc. recently released Swift to the market. It debuted on June 2, 2014, but its official release date is April 21, 2017. (3.1 version). As a result, it is still new in comparison to Objective-C. Objective-C, on the other hand, was released around 33 years ago and was essentially a continuation of the C-language. Apple had to release it separately because it was not yet ready to support Objective-C functionalities.
  • 02.

    It’s open-source

    The Swift Development Language was developed in an open course, making it easier for users to upgrade all source codes, bug tracker, and email list at regular intervals. Because of its robustness, it is possible to read the technical documentation. This directly contributes to the development of future applications. Furthermore, it supports all Linux-based platforms.
  • 03.

    Comply with Data at a Much Faster Rate

    Compared to Objective-C, Swift is capable of managing data at a much faster rate. It has been using the LLVM compiler to generate optimized native code for operating systems. The developer is given the option of rewriting several groups as structures. In the case of Objective-C, there were only a few classes, which resulted in slower coding and, as a result, a longer time frame. Swift takes less time to code than other languages, as previously stated.
  • 04.

    The Right Language for Creating Business Apps

    Its efficiency has been demonstrated through numerous tests and other activities, and it is thus regarded as one of the best programming languages for developing business apps. The company (Apple) has on board the most skilled developers, who are constantly working to make it more user-friendly.
  • 05.

    Reduces Memory Usage

    Swift once again outperforms Objective-C in terms of memory consumption. The latter had an object-link and used some of the computer's RAM (Random Access Memory). Swift, on the other hand, was a single object-oriented program that switched to structures. The number of data types and SDK classes was also reduced, making memory more efficient.
  • 06.

    Not limited to use only for iOS Development Apps

    You might believe that because Swift was developed by Apple, it is suitable for developing iOS-based mobile apps. However, this is not the case. Though it has been adapted by Linux and other programs, it can also create useful and fully functional apps for Android.
  • 07.

    It takes less time to code

    When developing an app in Swift, you will most likely only need a few lines of code. As a result, not only is your job easier, but you can complete your code creation work in a shorter period of time.
  • 08.

    Safety Storage of Data.

    It has an integrated storage system for safe data storage. Apart from that, it is simple to understand if you want to become an iOS app developer, and any type of business, whether large or small, can benefit from it.
Although Swift is a relatively new programming language, it has already established a strong market presence and is thus competitive with other programming languages.

Companies Choose Swift

Swift is a secure, fast, robust, and expressive programming language. As a result, many businesses will use this language to create apps, maintain, and correct programs. Here are a few companies that use Swift in their technology stack.
Of course, this list began with Apple. Apple is the most well-known company that employs Swift. This is their primary tool for developing apps for the Mac, iOS, Apple Watch, and Apple TV. Apple's App Store contains over 1.85 million apps, many of which were created with Swift. LinkedIn, Shawarma, Firefox, and Asana are examples of popular iOS apps built with Swift.
Coursera is one of the most popular open online course providers in the world. It provides students with a plethora of online courses from top institutions all over the world. Students can study from anywhere and on any viable device, including mobile phones and computers, thanks to this global online learning platform. Swift is used by this company to create and maintain iOS-based applications.
Eventbrite is a website for event management and online ticketing. This website provides services that enable event organizers and promoters to advertise as well as use it for online ticketing. It includes Swift code in its iOS app.
Facebook, recently rebranded as Meta, is one of the world's largest corporations. Before switching to Swift, the company used Objective-C for its group's function. Swift is now used by Facebook to make it easier for developers to build iOS-based apps and to improve user experience.
Khan Academy is a non-profit organization that provides free access to high-quality courses and learning materials to learners all over the world. Swift was used to create an iOS app for this organization.
Kickstarter, as the name implies, is a platform that provides funding for innovative and feasible projects. It assists project managers in launching their projects. This company has a Swift-based app that is written and maintained.
LinkedIn is a website that provides professional networking and job-related services. Professional networking and career development are common uses for the platform. Swift is used to create iOS apps.
Lyft is a well-known company that offers a variety of services such as vehicle rental, a bicycle-sharing system, rental cars, food delivery, and motorized scooters. This company, like Uber, writes the majority of its iOS apps in Swift.
Uber is a popular taxi service provider. Swift is used to develop iOS-based apps by well-known companies such as Lyft, Uber, and Airbnb. Uber stopped using Objective-C code after the release of Swift in 2015. According to Business Insider, Swift is used in 90% of Uber's code.
Glovo is a Spanish on-demand courier service best known for its food delivery service. Registered users of the app can order from the top restaurant chains in their area, as well as explore and order from new restaurants, and have the food delivered to their homes. Glovo is primarily a delivery as a service app, which means you can have anything from groceries to medicines to flowers delivered to your door.
Asana is a 2008 online collaboration tool that helps teams track, organize, and manage their work through web and mobile applications. You can organize your tasks and communicate with your team from anywhere in the world at any time by using the iOS app. You gain access to simple lists, charts, and graphs that show your team what they need to do first and when a project's deadline is.

Why should you choose Swift for your App?

Swift is the future of iOS development because it guarantees secure and safe coding. It easily terminates all dangerous code classes, ensuring the development of a secure and protected environment in order to create a stable solution. Here are some of the reasons why developers prefer this language:
  • Rapid and secure
  • Playgrounds that encourage collaboration and interaction.
  • Makes use of the power of open source.
  • One code will run on both iOS and Android platforms, which saves time.
Well, it seems we should jump to the much-needed skill-set for a Swift expert. Let’s go.

Essential Skills Every Skilled Swift Developer Should Have

When you hire a Swift developer, you probably expect them to be able to contribute to your Swift iOS development team. To make it happen, your hired Swift developer must be knowledgeable in a variety of iOS development areas, including the following:

Practical knowledge of Swift 3.0

Swift 3.0 knowledge is essential because it is one of the most in-demand Swift developer skills.

Experience in Xcode IDE

Xcode IDE, or Integrated Development Environment, is one of the Swift developer required skills that he must have for hiring.

Core Data

Core Data is a framework that simplifies the management of model objects and their relationships, making it easier to develop data-driven applications. This relieves the developer of routine object life cycle and graph management tasks.

Experience in memory management

Any senior Swift developer should be aware that the app may cease to function if it exceeds the established per-process limit and should be aware of how to resolve this through proper memory management.

Skilled in source control

Most Swift developers benefit from hands-on experience with source control in order to collaborate and streamline the development process. Hire Swift coders who are good at team management and collaboration.

Experience in unit testing

Unit tests can aid in the prevention of bugs. They test the functionality of each function in an application by providing sets of inputs and ensuring that the correct outputs are produced.So, hire Swift developers who are well-versed in these development skills to thoroughly test the app's validity and functionality.

Proficiency in Grand Central Dispatch

Grand Central Dispatch is used in the iOS ecosystem to introduce concurrency and parallelism into the operating system, allowing heavy computing tasks to be performed in the background without interfering with the user experience.

What about soft skills? They are include:

Good communication skills

Good communication and conversational skills are unquestionably essential for Swift developers. This not only helps developers understand the project or client requirements, but it also helps them present a better alternative scenario.

Critical thinking

To arrive at the required solution, Swift developers must always approach a problem rationally and analyze the situation. In times of crisis, you must hire developers with the right mindset and the ability to think on their feet. This type of critical thinking also leads to company growth.


When things don't go as planned, it's critical to adapt and learn how to deal with the change ahead of time. Employ candidates who can adapt to an ever-changing world and learn how to implement those changes in your app to make it much more appropriate for the current situation.

Teamwork skill

A well-curated iOS application necessitates a collaborative effort. As a result, synergy is critical to meeting client expectations and achieving the desired result. To achieve these objectives, one must be a strong communicator who knows how to bring out the best in others, as well as a team player.

Innovation Capability

Swift developers must innovate to create the best application that is both profitable and user-friendly. It is not always easy to find and hire Swift developers who are innovative, but an in-depth assessment can help you separate the best from the rest.
You might think that hiring a Top Swift developer may cost a lot of money? Let’s jump below.

Swift Developer Salaries and Rates

According to ZipRecruiter, the average annual salary for a Swift Developer in the United States is $123,994 as of December, 2023. So, it’s approximately $57 per hour.
Swift Developer Salaries and Rates
Let’s see which region is most suitable to find cost-ratio value in hiring Swift developers.

World Salaries Distribution For IOS Mobile App Developer

The situation is also predictable in terms of numbers in specific countries. Countries such as the United States and Israel offer opportunities for Swift developers to earn between $50,000 and $100,000 per year. The situation in the EU is somewhat stable, with Apple app developers earning between $30k and $60k per year. Ukraine, as a representative of the progressive European region, has Swift engineers earning between $12k and $36k+ per year.
The situation is also predictable in terms of numbers in specific countries. Countries such as the United States and Israel offer opportunities for Swift developers to earn between $50,000 and $100,000 per year. The situation in the EU is somewhat stable, with Apple app developers earning between $30k and $60k per year. Ukraine, as a representative of the progressive European region, has Swift engineers earning between $12k and $36k+ per year.
However, salary is not the only factor that influences the decision to hire a Swift developer. As a result, a few considerations must always be present in the mind of entrepreneur who decides to hire a remote Swift coder:
  • Time lapse (influences the effectiveness of cooperation)
  • English language proficiency (influences the effectiveness of cooperation)
  • Time-to-market (fast and effective hiring)
  • Reliability (actually, that is a summing criterion of the previous ones)
European developers combine all those factors and represent the strong community of engineers who definitely is up to building your product. You can read more about other reasons to hire a developer from Europe here.

Where to hire Swift experts?

Hiring the true Swift developer for your team begins with knowing where to look. We identified your leading solutions to help speed up the process:

Hire a freelancer Swift Developer

You should hire a freelancer or contractor if you need a quick collaboration. You can expect financial savings as well as worldwide access to a diverse range of experts. Toptal, Freelancer, Codementor, and Upwork are some of the best places to find reliable Swift engineers.


  • Cost-effectiveness means that you just pay for the work itself;
  • Large skill pool: you can work with the expert you want.


  • You must pick the experts for yourself;
  • Due to the several tasks that freelancers frequently have going at once, it may be difficult to meet deadlines;
  • Unexpected absence.

Hire a Swift developer from agency

Hiring a staff augmentation company will save you time, provide flexibility and improved project efficiency, and allow you to obtain the assistance you require on a project-by-project basis. Furthermore, the company handles every aspect of your project's development, from assembling a team of developers to overseeing every procedure from their end.


  • Time, money, and flexibility savings because there is no need to hire, train, or pay salaries;
  • You have access to a huge pool of qualified, talented experts that are eager to get started.


  • The institutional knowledge of your organizations may not be known to developers;
  • Adding Swift developers to your team could be more expensive, but this will depend on how many hours are needed to do the task.

Hire a Swift developer in-house

The primary advantage of having an internal staff is that communication is established, and because they are your own employees, you can contact them whenever necessary. Some of the best places to look for in-house Swift developers are Stack Overflow, Hired, Indeed, and Glassdoor.


  • Every development process is individually overseen by you, and you regularly communicate with the staff to be informed at all times;
  • Working together is simpler and there are fewer misunderstandings when everyone takes the same approach and speaks the same language.


  • It can be expensive because you wind up spending more on hiring, corporate perks, and equipment;
  • Lack of scalability and flexibility in that you must guarantee that the employees you hire will have work or pertinent projects to work on for the next years;
  • They can leave your company in search of a better opportunity.

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