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The ultimate guide on how using Python can benefit your business
According to TIOBE's comments on their rankings from December 2022, 'Python seems to be unstoppable' (BTW, where Python is in 1st place). This is 100 percent true! Python really is a powerful programming language which is both sophisticated and self-explanatory. It is the right-fit language for creating anything from web and desktop applications to data-driven, scientific, and artificial intelligence ones.
What makes Python so unique, and why are so many companies from various domains and backgrounds choosing it over other languages? Where to hire proficient Python developers?

What Is Python?

Python is a high-level general-purpose programming language. Although Python can be used for front-end development, most developers agree that it is best suited for back-end development. Python, as an interpreted language, does not directly translate programming into machine code, as compiled languages do. While this has the disadvantage of slower runtime execution, it does allow for dynamic typing. At runtime, dynamically typed languages perform type checking. This means that type errors appear only after program developers run it. However, dynamic typing usually results in more flexibility and concise coding. And programmers are not required to declare variables explicitly.

Slack, Digital Ocean, Lyft, Sauce Labs, and Fastly all mention using Python as an impressive and right tech choice in an Increment article

Python is fun

What Makes Python So Popular?

Python is like a shiny diamond - polishing it over the years makes this language even better. Python is used in almost every aspect of software development, from automation scripts to full-fledged software such as websites or games. Stats below will show you about the various reasons why hiring Python developers is such a great way to boost your product goals.







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Worldwide, Dec 2022 compared to a year agoSource
  • PYPL (PopularitY of Programming Language) ranked Python in 1st place.
  • Python is always on top when it comes to ratings such as “Most in demand programming languages”.
  • According to Indeed, there are over 11,641 Python job openings now, in 2022.
  • Because of the global implementation of lockdown laws in the previous years, there was a significant increase in people contributing to open source projects, with Python usage nearly doubling.
And some Fun Facts you might not know about Python:
  • It was named after Monty Python and the Holy Grail! (not after a snake 🙃)
  • Python is used by ILM, the company that created the effects for the Star Wars franchise
  • There is a poem about Python called 'The Zen of Python!'

Key Features Of Python

Python is unquestionably the programming language of the future, and its enormous popularity and usage in today's world indicate that it is here to stay for a long time. Welcome to the “Key Features of Python” to make sure that is really superb language:


Python is a programming language that is open source and free to download from the official website.

Simple to code

Python is a sophisticated programming language. When compared to other languages like C, C#, Javascript, and so forth, Python is very easy to learn.

Easy to Understand

Python is a simple language to learn, as you will see. Python's syntax, as previously stated, is extremely simple. Indentations, rather than semicolons or brackets, define the code block.

Object-Oriented Programming Language

Object-Oriented programming is a key feature of Python. Python supports object-oriented programming and concepts such as classes, object encapsulation, and so on.

Advanced Language

Python is a high-level programming language. When programmers write Python apps, they don't have to remember the system architecture or manage memory.

Debugging on a new level

Once an engineer understands how to interpret Python's error traces, he will be able to quickly identify and correct the majority of the program's issues. He can even tell what the code is supposed to do just by looking at it.

Interpreted language

Python is an interpreted language (a programming language that is generally interpreted rather than being compiled into machine instructions).

Dynamically Typed language

Python is a dynamically typed programming language. In other words, we do not need to declare the data types of the variables we define in Python. The Python interpreter's job is to determine the data types of the variables at runtime based on the types of the expression's parts.

Which Companies are already Benefited from Using Python?

Hiring Python developers has influenced many successful businesses to develop apps with this strong language for backend web development. We listed some of them, take a look:
Python, along with C++, Java, and Go, is one of Google's true server-side programming languages. 'Python has been a significant component of Google from the start, and remains so as the technology develops and advances,' says Peter Norvig, Google's head of examination and former overseer of search quality.
One of the dynamic softwares written in Python is used by the company to strengthen the structure's security, examine data reports, and issue alerts. Netflix employs Python to support machine learning capabilities that analyze movies, improve streaming, and extract images to display thumbnails.
Python is extremely popular among Facebook production engineers, making it the third most popular language at the web-based entertainment company (just behind C++ and their restrictive PHP language, Hack). Facebook has over 5,000 commits on utilities and services, monitoring framework, binary dispersion, equipment imaging, and functional automation.
Dropbox's entire tech stack was written in Python, and it later began using Go. Guido van Rossum, the inventor of Python, was fired from Google, where he had worked for years. After joining Dropbox as an engineer, he made it possible for members of the Dropbox community to share datastores. Because many of the company's libraries are not open source, determining the extent of Dropbox's reliance on Python is difficult.
This music streaming service is a staunch supporter of Python, using it primarily for data analysis and back-end services. Spotify likes how fast the development pipeline is when composing and coding in Python, which is why the services are written in Python. Spotify relies on a massive amount of research to provide ideas and suggestions to its users. Spotify uses Luigi, a Python module that synchronizes with Hadoop, to decipher these.
Stripe is a Fintech startup that enables businesses to accept payments via the internet. This company is one of the outstanding Python web app examples that create APIs for mobile and web apps. Stripe simplifies the way that online businesses handle transactions. It offers subscription management, invoicing, and fraud prevention services to businesses.
Reddit is a social news, web content ranking, and discussion website. Reddit is greatly inspired by Python and its massive library compilation by steadily implementing a greatly modified variant of each library adopted.
This massive publicly supported Q&A stage contemplated what language they needed to use to carry out their idea. The founders of Quora followed Google's lead, deciding to use Python where possible due to its ease of writing code and meaningfulness, and C++ for the presentation of basic areas.

Python - Is a Valuable Tech Choice for Businesses

As you can see, Python is a great option for all businesses, from enterprise to small ones. Previously, we’d talked about key features of Python as a programming language itself, but what about significant advantages of this powerful language for developing B2B and B2C apps? Let’s see:

Using Python enhances quicker project development

Python has powerful process control and text processing capabilities, as well as a robust unit testing framework. These abilities contribute to increased speed and productivity, which aids in the completion of projects more quickly.

It is an excellent platform for web development

Python is an ideal language for developing web applications because it aids in the development of flawless mobile and web applications that accelerate the ROI of commercial projects.

Python is used to create portable code

Python code is completely portable and can be used on a variety of operating systems including Linux, Unix, Mac, and Windows. Hiring Dedicated Python Developers who truly know this language feature is beneficial to businesses because it allows them to switch to different platforms without having to reinvest in code regeneration. It also saves your company a lot of time.

Python facilitates prototype and MVP development

The development of prototypes and MVPs (Minimum Viable Products) can be extremely beneficial to business operations. They assist in testing the feasibility of the developed project and making any necessary changes with minimal effort. Building MVPs and prototypes for larger projects is extremely simple with Python development services. As a result, businesses must consider Python when developing new projects.

Multiple Frameworks Are Available for Better UI Experience

Python's various frameworks make the development process easier. It allows the developer to be more productive and creative in their work. Furthermore, the business client receives a wide range of framework options to choose from for their project, allowing users to have a better experience with their application.

Maintain the Safety and Security of Your Data

Data and its security are regarded as one of the most important values in any business. To date, it is estimated that nearly 64% of businesses have been subjected to web-based attacks. Python is safe because it hides the source code of your program from direct viewing, making it more difficult for hackers to breach the data. This invariably improves the security of your applications and protects them from external attacks.

Python Can Help You Create IoT Visions

Because of its numerous benefits, IoT is spreading like wildfire all over the world. Python platforms, such as Raspberry Pi, make it simple for developers to create their own digital devices. Connecting with real-world markets for small and independent businesses has become extremely simple thanks to the advanced concepts of Python development.

Saving Cost with Python

The cost of any project is heavily influenced by a programmer's working hours. So, if you are a startup with a limited budget, you can hire a dedicated Python programmer to build your project at a low cost and with faster results.

Check The Must-Have Python Engineer Skills

A dedicated experienced Python programmer is a coder with various backgrounds of projects and sophisticated knowledge of all the Python programming tricks. What does it mean? Well, if you are hiring a Python developer right now, this checklist can help you to orient what are the must for a skilled engineer:
Check The Must-Have Python Engineer Skills

Top Soft Skills List for Python developers includes:

Exceptional Communication Skills

An application cannot be created by a single person. To achieve the desired result, a developer must be able to communicate effectively with coworkers and all other stakeholders. They can avoid cost and time overruns by doing this.

Logic for Solving Issues

The developers face fresh challenges with each project. Bottlenecks are a common occurrence. On the other hand, a developer's character is defined by their capacity to use their analytical skills to overcome them.

The Will to Learn

Developers must be eager to participate in the learning process throughout their professional careers in order to advance and support the team.

Good working in a team

A good developer must be able to work in a team rather than by themselves. In agile teams, where cooperation is necessary to complete sprints, a good team player is essential.
Welcome to read more about specific and must-have needed Soft Skills for a developer here.

The Top Hard Skills list has slightly more points:

Experience in the core Python

Python core knowledge is required for developers. Lack of knowledge can have a detrimental effect on both the individual and the business when it comes to hiring Python experts. A Python developer should be familiar with: Iterators Generators, OOP principles, Data organization, treating exceptions.

Outstanding Debugging Skills

Debugging skills are therefore crucial, as a result of this. Debugging techniques include printing out variables' values, changing the program's path, halting the execution of specific events, and using a debugger.

Well-oriented with Python Frameworks

Frameworks save time by automating the implementation of redundant tasks. They enable developers to concentrate solely on application logic rather than routine elements. Although there are many different web development frameworks on the market, there are primarily three different kinds of Python frameworks: full-stack, micro-framework, and asynchronous.

Familiar with Django

Django is a highly functional, scalable, and fast framework. Hiring a Python developer with understanding of Django allows to create any type of web application, from small projects to large corporate websites. Django is also the most popular programming language for machine learning projects. It has a large user base, making it simple to debug and seek help from the community.


Flask is an exceptional skill for Python developers that is much easier to learn than Django. Flask is a Python microframework that a skilled hired Python coder should be familiar with if he/she wants to work as a developer.

Python Shell Application

Python offers a robust shell of its own that allows it to run commands in isolation and entirety. It is also referred to as REPL (read, evaluate, print, loop) because it reads the command, evaluates it, prints the result, and waits for the next command. Shell, a text-based command prompt, allows to test code without having to create a file first. A Python developer truly should know how to use this Python interpreter because it can save a lot of time when testing out new code.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Python Developer?

As with any other industry, the average salary for Python roles varies depending on the role, the sector a developer works in, and the amount of Python experience a developer has. According to IT Jobs Watch, a website that collects salary data across the IT industry, the median annual salary in the UK for a role requiring Python skills is £65,000.
How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Python Developer?
According to Glassdoor, a Python developer has an average annual income of £60,169. So, in general Python developer hourly rates range from $61 to $80 per hour. Remember that the above rates may vary depending on whether you're hiring for a full-time, part-time, contract, or freelance Python programmer. The cost of hiring an on-site developer versus a remote Python developer may also differ. One of the important steps while searching for a skilled Python developer is to make sure that hired programmer will be a good match to your team culture. That’s why be sure you evaluate all the pros and cons in the chosen country for hiring a coder from. Here is one hint from us - hiring a developer from Europe is a solid choice in terms of selection when it comes to hiring dedicated Full-Time or Part-Time Python developers. This region has excellent cost-value ratio, great IT talent pool and many more advantages you can read here.

How To Hire Python Experts?

It can be hard, there are a lot of options for hiring Python programmers such as freelance, outsourcing etc. Moreover, there are a lot of Python engineers for hire so you should be careful while checking their skills too. Let’s briefly recall some significant benefits and disadvantages of hiring inhouse vs freelance vs outsourcing:

Inhouse hiring


The internal teams are more devoted.

Since the company is their only source of income, regular employees always put the company first in an emergency. They can handle an unforeseen problem right away because they are almost always accessible.

In-house teams are dedicated over the long haul.

After deciding to hire a suitable candidate, businesses regularly pay salaries to the new hires and make time and talent investments in them. As a result, the worker has a thorough understanding of the company, stays longer while making an effort to advance, and thus aids in the growth of the business.

Businesses can train their internal staff.

Even if employers are unable to find someone who meets their requirements, they can train new hires and help them advance their skills to the level that is deemed necessary.


Companies will only rely on their internal staff.

Employing in-house developers makes a company's entire operation dependent on them. The entire project suffers if a team member has a problem and can't work on it. Also possible outcomes include cost overruns and postponed deadlines.

Finding competent local workers is difficult.

Even when businesses put a lot of time and effort into searching their local talent pool and eventually find a qualified applicant, their rates can still be unreasonably high. Finding a professional with the precise skill set you require is challenging due to the high demand for skilled developers and the small local talent pool.

Putting together an internal team can be expensive and time-consuming.

Finding the right developers can be a difficult and time-consuming process that requires businesses to spend hours interviewing potential candidates. Building an internal team can be quite expensive, especially for newly established businesses with high anticipated or unforeseen overheads. In addition to the expenses businesses incur during the vetting process, it is difficult to pay for the developers' expensive health insurance.

Well, maybe reach out to an outsourcing company?


It takes less time and money to outsource (especially with an offshore company)

Businesses that outsource their software don't have to go through the time-consuming hiring and interviewing processes required to find a suitable permanent employee, which saves them a ton of time and money. When businesses hire Python developers on outsource, they only need to pay the agreed-upon costs; they are not required to pay high salaries on a monthly basis.

Short-term projects are perfect for outsourcing.

When you have a regular and consistent workflow or big projects, it makes sense to build an in-house team. However, it is not very effective to hire permanent staff for a one-time or short-term project. For these kinds of projects, hiring Python contractors is perfect because it allows the outsourced company and its contractor to say goodbye once the project is finished.

No one needs to train!

You can hire a group of remote and knowledgeable Python software developers from outsourcing companies. Since you already have access to the talent you require, there is no need for you to invest any time or energy in training anyone.


Communicating is difficult.

For good reason, the majority of businesses worry about their involvement in project development and fear losing control over it when outsourcing. There are times when outsourced businesses and their subcontractors don't communicate clearly, which can lead to project deviations or delays in the development process.

Outsourced data may be misused or leaked.

The potential for security risks is a drawback some businesses see when outsourcing their software product. Even if it happens unintentionally, proprietary information or sensitive data frequently leaks to a third party. Even so, it might not be a bad idea to sign a nondisclosure agreement (NDA), which forbids the outsourcing firm from disclosing private information.

How about hiring freelance Python experts?


Hiring freelancers is cheaper.

Since they don't have the overheads that outsourcing companies do, particularly if they're from abroad, hiring remote Python freelancers will probably charge you even less than an outsourcing company. Also, they don't have the overheads that outsourcing companies do, particularly if they're from abroad, freelancers will probably charge you even less than an outsourcing company.

The nature of freelancers' work is transient.

Because hiring Python freelance developers takes on project-based work, businesses can hire them for a limited time to perform specific tasks and functions, and they can even rehire them if necessary.

Companies can choose by hand the talent they require.

Fortunately, the growth of freelance platforms like Upwork and Fiverr has made it simple to find and hire qualified freelancers. The only thing businesses need to do is identify the precise set of skills they require in a developer and choose the top candidate from their local or global talent pool.


When you need them, freelancers might not be available.

In contrast to permanent employees, freelancers may have contracts that are not as long-term and have more than one source of income. After finishing a project, a freelancer will move on to another one, and their schedules can be quite full.

It's possible that freelancers aren't as dedicated and committed as regular employees.

Freelancers are able to take on a variety of projects from different businesses, so one particular project is not always their top priority. As a result, they always see their clients as customers. They might not be as committed as internal teams are.

With freelancers, information may be misused or leaked.

Similar to outsourcing firms, hiring Python contractors may negligently handle sensitive information or divulge it to a third party. Companies can also guarantee the confidentiality of their data by having freelancers sign an NDA.
So, all options above have advantages as well as disadvantages. How to optimize the hiring process in a way to stop wasting time on additional searches and extra HRs costs? How to find one certain option where hiring Python experts will match all the benefits from all the mentioned above? We have a hint for you 👇

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