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Languages used for front-end development are always changing. Startups have to deal with fresh, cutting-edge trends and changes every day. To maintain growth and development, business leaders must deal with the effects of this wave as new technologies advance. With the emergence of new libraries and improved capabilities throughout time, JavaScript has seen rapid expansion. React has provided consistency and a safe harbor for developers despite the ongoing changes to JavaScript. In this article we are going to define what React is and outline key cases why you should use it to assist your product needs.

What is React?

A JavaScript-based UI development library is called React. Facebook and the open-source development community are in charge of it. Despite not being a language, React is a widely used library in the web development industry. The library debuted in May 2013 and is currently one of the most widely used frontend libraries for web development.

Today, React is more popular than any other front-end development framework and here the reasons why:

Improved performance

React uses Virtual DOM, hastening the development of web apps. Instead of updating all the components again like traditional web applications do, Virtual DOM analyzes the previous states of the components and updates just the things in the Real DOM that were modified.

Reusable components

Any React application is built from components, and a single app often comprises several components. The application's development time can be significantly slashed because of the reusability of these components, each of which has its own logic and controls.

Improved SEO

From an SEO standpoint, the web page or application must load quickly. Your web app or page won't take more than three seconds to load if ReactJS is used as the foundation. This is a key factor in why developers adore this technology because it influences the rank of search engine results and enhances SEO.

It can be applied to the creation of web and mobile applications

Although we already know that React is used to create web applications, there are other things it can be used for. Beautiful mobile applications may be made using the wildly popular React Native technology, which was derived from React itself. Therefore, both web and mobile applications may be made using React.

Helpful Developer Toolset

ReactJS framework includes various developer tools for React and Chrome from Facebook, and these tools are very helpful for developers in finding parent and child components, observing their hierarchies, examining their current states, and other tasks.

Easy creation of dynamic apps

Compared to JavaScript, where scripting frequently gets quite complex very quickly, React requires less coding and delivers more functionality, making it simpler to create dynamic online applications.

ReactJS is the Future!

When it comes to technology, organizations look for consistency, and ReactJS provides that. Millions of developers trust this technology since it is supported by household names like Facebook and Instagram. Even as peer competition has gotten more intense, ReactJS has maintained its appeal. Its popularity has continued to increase. ReactJS is therefore regarded as the future of the software industry because developers believe it to be secure and stable.

Top 8 Win Stories of using React:

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Facebook is using ReactJS, although in part. React, a software integrated into the application code, is used to build their website. React Native, a comparable variation of React that displays iOS and Android native components rather than DOM elements, was also used to build the mobile app. It's interesting to note that Facebook was where the ReactJS framework was first developed, thus it makes sense for the app to use it. React Fiber, which Facebook totally rewrote, is presently available in beta.


ReactJS is heavily utilized by Instagram. The many features, such as geolocations, Google Maps APIs, search engine accuracy, and tags that appear without hashtags, are evidence of it. It's extremely great that it's all included in the app's API. Instagram has allowed users to fully acclimate to its outstanding features and is entirely built on the ReactJS library.


Netflix is extremely popular worldwide. The most well-known on-demand streaming channel is this one. When Netflix was experiencing poor device performance, React Native was added. The Netflix app now offers better runtime performance, modularity, and a number of additional features thanks to the ReactJS implementation.

New Your Times

The New York Times, the most significant and important news organization in the world, is another well-known name on the list of apps that use React Native. By launching a new initiative, New York Times gives the content a fantastic appearance. Due to the excellent features added to the interface, it is obvious that the app was created using React Native.

Khan Academy

Salman Khan founded the non-profit educational institution Khan Academy in the United States in 2008 to provide free online education. The portal initially concentrated on math and physics, but has already created over 6,500 video lessons covering a wide range of academic areas. React Native implementation resulted in a number of advantageous modifications for the company. The group has decided that these updates are merited. Elements like as element modifications and the abolition of pointless re-renders were handled by the implementation of React Library.


It is a web service that uses the cloud to store and sync data. The platform recently began utilizing ReactJS's capabilities. When it came to enhancing interactive frontend features, the library performed best.


WhatsApp employs ReactJS to develop user interfaces from Facebook, and it also uses UnderscoreJS and VelocityJS as some of its most effective engines, despite the fact that there were multiple beta versions before it was formally introduced. React is now being used by the brand-new WhatsApp Web app, exactly like it is by the previously stated Facebook web experience.

Vivaldi Browser

The ReactJS library is one of the technologies that underpin the well-known Vivaldi Browser. This browser's engine, called `Blink,` was created using a variety of engines, including HTML5, ReactJS, JS, CSS3, and many others. It is very similar to Google's Chrome.

So, Why Should Startups Use React?

  • React is used on about 1,066,618 websites around the world
  • According to Builtwith.com, React is the sixth most popular in the Top 10k sites for the JavaScript Library category
  • Customer can be confident that his product will be released into the market on schedule when he employs React developers
  • React developers are renowned for managing the complete development process, from beginning to end, in an effective manner due to the wealth of resources at their disposal
  • Usage of React reduces the amount of time needed to construct a mobile or online application

“Well, you got me! I’d like to hire a React Developer, but how can I be sure about his competence?”

Let’s start with must skills need to have a good React Developer:

Soft Skills
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Great Communication Skills

It takes a team to build an app, thus good developers should be able to communicate well with one another to avoid expensive miscommunications and keep the project going along at the right speed


Great developers are also receptive to suggestions and solutions made by others. Their egos cannot cause them to become blind


As they advance, they should be open to picking up new technology


Making mistakes is unavoidable, and how a developer responds to issues has a significant effect not only on the project but also on the other members of the team

Calmness and confidence

Every proposal and criticism should be supported by logical justifications. Emotions or personal disputes have no place here

Team work

Things are completed by a team of people. In agile teams, where collaboration and working toward a common objective are essential to finishing the sprints, a good team player plays a critical role

Hard Skills
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JavaScript Fundamentals

It is hard to advance in ReactJS without a fundamental knowledge of javascript and proficiency with ES6

A command of native iOS and Android development

Swift, Objective-C, and Kotlin/Java development skills for native iOS and Android... Since it's occasionally required to employ tools from the native side, too, a smart React developer should be able to make your program function


Make sure to confirm that your applicants agree that being able to work with ideas like JSX, Virtual DOM, or component lifecycle with ease is essential. If not, let them go in that case

Understanding of practical tools and technology

The most crucial ones are: Sentry, Bitrise, Redux, ESLint, Jest

Clear code

Famous principle Don’t Repeat Yourself

Performance optimisation skills

Because optimization is more than just knowing how to code, this hard skill involves having a firm grasp of benchmarking, improving, and discovering the best and workable solution concepts

Devler.io goes through a four-stage verification process to be sure you will get a qualified React Dev. We never hire individuals who have failed at any step of the process:

  • 01.

    General check

    Background projects of any applying developer are highly checked by our expertised ones.
  • 02.

    English and Soft Skills check

    Communication is very important for us and for our clients.
  • 03.

    Hard Skills check

    We assess a candidate's coding abilities as well as their capacity to solve difficulties that arise during the development process.
  • 04.

    Become a Devler step

    If a candidate passes through all the steps, we welcome him to our Dev’s Network.

What about React developers rates and salaries?

Your budget and the cost to recruit potential react developers are two other crucial factors in selecting a developer. Depending on the recruiting model you select, this may change significantly. It can be helpful to check at the cost of recruiting React developers in various nations if you're considering outsourcing. In the UK, there is a declining demand for React Native developers. In this nation, entry-level developers make an average yearly salary of $74,938. This is roughly in line with the average yearly wage for developers in other Northern and Western European nations, such the Netherlands, where it is $50,278.56. The demand for React developers is larger and more expensive in the United States. The average annual wage in this area is $120,000. Developers in Canada are in high demand, and the average yearly pay is $97,500.
What about React developers rates and salaries?
If you want skilled developers at a fair price, hire React (ReactJS) developers in Europe. For example, the average yearly wage in Ukraine is $31 750 as for 2023 year.

How to find a React Developer Expert?

It’s always hard to answer this question due to existing different approaches. But let’s take a deep look at what is a better option when it comes to hiring ReactJS Developers.

Hiring a freelancer?

There exist numerous freelance portals where you can hire freelance React developers, including TopTal, Upwork, Freelancer, YouTeam, and others. Each one displays the information of a number of qualified specialists and gives users access to them. You can look through the list of applicants and select the candidate that most closely fits your requirements based on: hourly rates, seniority, the amount of clocked hours, the success rate of the project, client feedback, etc.


  • Access to a broad talent pool of independent contractors
  • Transparent ratings based on prior client feedback
  • Simple filtering using different criteria


  • You must grant outsiders access to the system and rely on their integrity.
  • Due to its complexity, time tracking cannot be audited
  • Fees for the platform must be paid
Seems, we have some crucial points to think about, let’s take a step down.

Hiring through software agencies?

You can hire a React programmer to reach out to a software agency. But how can you find a trustworthy software company? You may search for awards, recognition from sites like G2 Crowd and Clutch, customer reviews, and more. Make careful to examine the case studies they offer to see if the descriptions of their projects apply to your subsequent concept. But most crucially, speak with the business on multiple technical calls. You can tell if someone is confident in their job and able to demonstrate their competence by talking to them about your project and hearing how they can help.


  • Quick access to a talent pool of relevant skills
  • Teams that are prepared to deliver value right away have protocols in place for time tracking and reporting
  • Your rights are legally protected by NDAs and SLAs


  • After the project is finished, knowledge holders depart from your team
  • To facilitate future project onboarding, you must make sure developer documentation is readily available and of the highest caliber
  • Sometimes you have to wait till the team completes a previous project before beginning your own
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