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The choice of which tech stack or tools to use to maximize the return on your investment is merely a challenge. From a business perspective, you couldn't risk making a mistake because these risks could pay off at any time. What tool can therefore provide you the best value for your money and the product itself?
Our answer - it’s Angular!Yes, you should go with one of the top 3 most used front-end web frameworks. Angular provides quick response, maintainable programming, and rich user experiences. Moreover, due to its adaptability and capacity to combine features and business logic, the Angular framework has long been recognized by professional developers as the primary frontend tool. It continues to be one of the most widely used software development techniques, and it has a number of features that help with the expansion, improvement, and acceleration of online platforms.
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What Is Angular?

Angular is an open-source front-end framework. Because it is simple to use, greatly simplifies the entire development process, and supports the most recent JavaScript standards, Angular JS, which was created by Google in 2009, has grown to become one of the most widely used JavaScript frameworks to date (ES6). It has developed into one of the most sophisticated frameworks for making responsive, modular web and mobile apps throughout the years. The framework was first released as AngularJS, and it has since undergone several improvements to become Angular 12. The path of Angular is shown below with significant updates in each iteration.
What Is Angular?
30.7% of software engineers currently use Angular for user interfaces, according to a recent poll. Last year, the Angular developer community experienced a startling growth of 50%.”
Your next web development project would definitely benefit from using Angular. It's one of the most well-liked frameworks available today, and lots of developers use it to create their applications.

Reasons For Using Angular In Your Project

Angular is used to create single-page client web apps. It creates frontend interfaces in particular. The pages you view were all created by front-end developers. Because they want you to have a positive online experience, these programmers used Angular to create the app. Angular was used to code every element you see, including the scroll bar, slider, and drop-down tabs. Even the speed and functionality of a program are determined by it. The ideal fusion of design and interaction is ensured by Angular developers, producing a satisfying frontend experience.
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Here is the list of the features that make Angular a popular web development framework:

Simplified MVC Architecture

Angular has a fantastic structure that makes working with it simple. It was created to make using the MVC architecture for web apps simpler for you. It handles all forms of data binding and divides the model from the view.

Two-Way Data Binding

Additionally, Angular has two-way data binding, which updates the view immediately if data in the model changes and vice versa. This is advantageous since Angular will take care of keeping track of all the variables for you. It is therefore a fantastic option for complicated applications.

Fast Loading

Performance was a consideration in the design of Angular. It is a fantastic option for heavy website traffic because it is quick and effective. This makes it a great option for websites with a public interface. Additionally, angular's performance optimizations make it the best choice for websites with large traffic.


Additionally, Angular is SEO-friendly, which is crucial for your website's ranking in search engines. This makes it a fantastic option for companies trying to boost the ranking of their website in Google and other well-known search engines.

Faster Development

For applications where development speed is crucial, Angular is a fantastic option because to its two-way data binding and streamlined MVC. It simplifies the coding process and is quick, simple to use, and easy to understand.

SPA-oriented features

Single Page Applications are a good fit for Angular because of a few aspects. These include deep connection, routing, and other things. This framework contains all the components required to construct an Angular-based SPA.

Enterprise-level Testing

Angular is an excellent option for big, high-performance projects because it also has enterprise-level testing. This technology is a terrific option if you have a tight schedule or need to launch your website right away because Angular makes it easier to accomplish so.

Improved Flexibility

Angular is a decent choice for complex applications because of its increased flexibility. Although HTML and JavaScript are well-known programming languages, Angular ingeniously combines them to build single-page apps that can be updated without refreshing the full web page.

Win Business Cases Of Using Angular

Many websites have been developed using Angular. Here are a few well-known examples:
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Google launched the email service provider known as Gmail. It's a well-liked platform with lots of engaged users. Additionally, it is a simple, one-page web application that offers a smooth user experience.


iStock is an image repository that offers free stock pictures for both personal and professional use. Its complete website was created with Angular, which offers an experience similar to an app.


With Grasshopper, a virtual phone system provider, each business transaction has its own communication line. Its Android and iOS mobile apps are built with Angular.


For use in research and scientific publishing, cloud-based word processing software called Overleaf is here. It has other capabilities including document history and pre-made templates and enables users to collaborate on a single document. The front page loading speed of the website is enhanced using Angular.

Biggest Companies Using Angular:


Global tech titan Google offers digital goods and services related to the Internet. Applications like the Google Play Store, Google Voice, and Google Arts & Culture make use of Angular.


American technology business Paypal offers an e-commerce application. It offers real-time transactions that are safe and secure for use as online payment channels. For system transactions, it leverages the AngularJS framework as a security measure.


South Korea is home to the international electronics company Samsung. It produces consumer devices like tablets, cellphones, and televisions. For its Samsung Forward website, it makes use of the Angular development framework to create aesthetically pleasing navigational features that enhance the user experience.


Microsoft is a multinational American corporation that creates computer hardware and software. With its Microsoft Office product, it makes use of the Angular framework. This enables full Angular tool integration with its Office 365 web applications.

Delta Airlines

One of the largest airline businesses in the US is Delta Airlines. Its website's homepage incorporates the Angular framework. Clients experience the pages loading more quickly and with greater responsiveness thanks to this.


Forbes is an online publication available only to subscribers that explores a variety of business-related issues, including marketing, finance, and entrepreneurship. It employs Angular to keep up with the publication demands of journalism and its readers, receiving over 100 million page views annually.


For freelancers and businesses searching for remote work arrangements, Upwork is a well-known platform. Its tech stack includes Angular components, enabling it to provide users a flexible single-page web application.

Deutsche Bank

Frankfurt, Germany is home to the international financial company Deutsche Bank. The company provides financial services and goods to 58 different nations. The Deutsche Bank Developer Portal was built using Angular to give the bank's clients an API system for a speedy development process.

Benefits For Business

What are the key facts that support needs in Angular for all companies mentioned above and many more?
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When using Angular, you can build the foundational functionality for your digital product without having to use other libraries. You may accomplish everything using the official library offered by the Angular team, which guarantees its security and flawless coding quality. All of this lowers the price and duration of app creation, which is a benefit of Angular that companies investing in the field of mobile app development always look forward to.

Clear code

The fact that the Angular framework is Typescript-based is one of its benefits. What does this mean for a business, though? This implies that because Typescript is a strongly-typed language and the foundation of Angular, developers may maintain neat and orderly code. Additionally, your program will run better the cleaner the code is.


This is where using Angular to create mobile and web apps will work to your advantage. Because Angular provides uniform code, using websites is made simpler while still permitting the use of templates or even prefabricated snippets of code.


The good effects of the consistent code also result in higher productivity. Because Angular handles everything, developers no longer have to spend their time figuring out what a utility, function, or component performs. Additionally, Angular groups code into buckets (modules). By segmenting app functionality into features and reusable chunks and enabling lazy loading, which enables feature loading in the background or on-demand, these modules make it simple to organize the functionality of the app.


When it comes to Angular's advantages, it uses Typescript and places a strong emphasis on testability to address the issue of maintainability. Most well-known mobile app development firms employ Typescript, which enables programmers to spot issues as they type the code. As a result of being able to observe the different sorts of data being transferred via the application, TypeScript also makes it possible for developers who are unfamiliar with the codebase to quickly become familiar with it.

Declarative UI

The UI of the mobile app is defined in this case using HTML. When compared to JavaScript, HTML is thought to be one of the more straightforward, declarative, and intuitive programming languages. If you're asking how this benefits your company, it saves developers time by eliminating the need to consider program flows and what should load first.

“Ok, I wanna hire an Angular Developer!”

But, firstly, let’s take a look at some significant skills that must have an expert in Angular:

Soft Skills
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Great Communication Skills

It takes a team to create an app, thus good developers should be able to communicate well with one another to prevent costly misunderstandings and maintain the project's pace.


Excellent programmers are also open to the ideas and fixes offered by others. They cannot become deceived by their egos.


They should be open to adopting new technology as they advance. It’s important when a developer shows what he learned during code implementation.


Making mistakes is inevitable, and how a developer handles problems has a big impact on the project as well as the other team members.


Every suggestion and criticism should be backed up by reasoned arguments. Feelings or interpersonal conflicts are inappropriate here.

Team work

Various tasks are finished by a group of persons. A strong team player is crucial in agile teams, because cooperation and working toward a common goal are necessary to finish the sprints.

Hard Skills
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Node Package Manager (npm)

The main tool used by angular front end developers for managing dependencies is the Node Package Manager. MPM provides angular cli or ng cli (angular command-line interface), which is a fantastic tool for quickly constructing your application.

Version control/Git

One of the finest techniques for tracking and saving your process to source code is using the Angular framework version control system. Working without source control when developing dynamic single page applications or web applications puts the development process at risk.

Restful API Interaction

It's important to bear in mind when hiring an Angular front end developer that they have extensive knowledge of REST APIs and know how to use them effectively.

Angular Framework CLI

The most popular package for creating basic Angular web apps is the Angular framework CLI. It is simpler for your Angular developer to build their own code and set up your angular app if they are implementing CLI.


Web and mobile applications, which are typically created with JavaScript, may now be built with TypeScript. This guarantees that the team building your angular website implements features and generates fewer issues.


Reactive programming libraries RxJS and NGRX enable the usage of consistent API and asynchronous task execution. Make sure the Angular developer you employ has such knowledge of these libraries to create a flawless web application.
Now, let’s move further to the salaries topic.

Angular developers' rates

The average Angular developer income in the USA is $6900 per month, or $115,061 a year (here you can read more about earnings stats).However, according to resources like djinni, the average Angular developer in Poland or Ukraine makes $3000-$5000 per month, or $48,000-$60,000 annually. Additionally, because taxes are substantially lower, companies are required to pay far less than they would in a high wage economy for a comparable compensation.
Angular developers' rates
Thousands of IT professionals from Europe continue to be a rich source of IT expertise. Europe region is worth observing due to the rich talent pool, cost-effectiveness and other key factors you can read here. And by how much will hiring an agency or outsource partner increase the pricing for Angular developers? You, as a customer, must make enough money to pay the developer's salary and maintain a profitable business strategy. This means that the comfort and flexibility of doing so through an IT outsourcing partner will cost you between 20 and 30 % more than if you hired developers directly. High fees are not an only issue in case you are hiring through an agency.

Hiring Angular through an agency

With an agency, you'll have a team that is ready to go, including a project manager, engineers, and perhaps most crucially, a designer. So, you're paying additional costs to cover the agency's overhead and earnings. Last but not the least, there is no transparency - you hire a company, not the developer. So, at least your communication with a developer will be lacking due to the chain of project managers etc.

Hiring Angular through recruiting companies

It can be an option, but here is some important issue you should consider before reaching out to recruiters. A recruiter typically charges between 1-2 developer salaries for their services, therefore there is a risk of time and money losses if a developer is not properly matched.

Hiring Angular through freelancer websites

There exist numerous portals where you can hire Angular freelancers, including TopTal, Upwork, Freelancer, YouTeam, and others. Each one displays the information of a number of qualified specialists and gives users access to them. You can look through the list of applicants and select the candidate that most closely fits your requirements based on: hourly rates, seniority, the amount of clocked hours, the success rate of the project, client feedback, etc. In freelancing, a developer typically collaborates with several clients simultaneously and receives payment per job. Taxes for independent contractors can be difficult and costly.

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Devler.io goes through a four-stage verification process to be sure you will get a qualified Angular Dev.

We never hire individuals who have failed at any step of the process:

General check

Background projects of any applying developer are highly checked by our expertised ones.

English and Soft Skills check

Communication is very important for us and for our clients.

Hard Skills check

We assess a candidate's coding abilities as well as their capacity to solve difficulties that arise during the development process.

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If a candidate passes through all the steps, we welcome him to our Dev’s Network.
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