Top Countries To Build a Remote Team of Software Developers in 2022

Sep 08, 2022

The market for software development is enormous.Spending on IT global services had reached $1.2 trillion in 2021, representing a 9.8% increase over the previous year. And the end of 2022 year will show even bigger stats. It is emphasized by a growing number of IT professionals also. How can you find a professional in this “ocean”? 

When it comes to hiring a developer, it can be determined the Top 8 software development Countries Worldwide, each with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Let's compare all of the important factors to determine which country is best suited to your project development needs.

Key factors to consider when determining the Top Countries for software development

Lower costs, a top development software market, a high-quality educational infrastructure, and the ability to communicate in English fluently are the main things to look for when determining the Top Countries to hire developers from: 

  • Highly developed market 

It is dependent on whether the infrastructure in a specific country is focused on software, has experienced companies, and can compete in the global software development market. 

  • Educational infrastructure 

Access to universities and colleges, as well as an increase in the number of IT schools and specialized courses, are gradually expanding the talent pool and the number of potential specialists in various information technology-related fields. According to a survey, approximately 75% of 47,744 professional developers worldwide have a technical bachelor's degree or higher.

  • Skills Diversity 

According to Statista, there will be 27,7 million software developers in the world in 2023. The best software development companies from these countries are working hard to become leading destinations by expanding software service delivery talent pools.

  • Fluent English 

You must determine whether the country under consideration communicates effectively in your preferred language. It is crucial for developers to be fluent in English. 

Let’s look through popular regions such as Eastern Europe, Latin America and Asia and make a decision from which country you should hire a developer. 

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Eastern Europe 

Eastern Europe is a popular destination when it comes to hiring developers due to its large talent pool of over 1 million professional developers who adhere to Western work ethics. Furthermore, the region is home to skilled developers, as evidenced by rankings such as SkillValue and TopCoder. Moreover, developers from this region have extensive experience in a variety of industries. Ukraine, for example, is well-known for its strong automotive expertise, while Bulgaria is well-known for its expertise in finance and banking. 

Here is an infographic that depicts industry specialization in Eastern European countries: 


Main pros to hire a developer from Eatern Europe: 




The Ukrainian government places a strong focus on education, which has nourished the country's thriving tech industry. According to HackerRank statistical analysis, Ukraine developers had an average score of 88.7% across all HackerRank challenges. Here the leading languages are JavaScript, Python and Ruby.

Moreover, 80% of their IT community are English spoken, so communication barriers are minimal.

Annual salaries for Ukrainian developers range between $11,936 and $46,787, according to PayScale, so compared to North America, it’s quite affordable. 



According to HackerRank statistics, Poland has the world's third most skilled programmers. Their programmers were ranked first in Java assessments and in the top five for other popular programming languages such as Python, Shell, and Ruby. Warsaw and Krakow, two of Poland's largest cities, were also ranked among the top 50 cities on the Tholons Globalization Index.

Service costs (according to PayScale and Glassdoor) is $25-50 per hour.

English here is upper-intermediate to advanced. 30% of the country's population speaks English as a second language.



Despite having a relatively small development market, Romania has 139,000 skilled tech workers. Romania has become an appealing destination due to an increase in the number of skilled tech workers and the high quality of education provided by the country's various universities.

Popular programming languages here are JavaScript, NodeJS, .NET, C#, ReactJS, PHP. 

Service costs (according to PayScale and Glassdoor): $25-50 per hour.

English proficiency here is upper-intermediate to advanced.


Asia's territory is so vast so here we focus only on large countries with a global developers talent pool like China, India and Taiwan. 

What are the pros to hire a developer from Asian countries: 

But here are some significant cons: 



China is home to many of the fastest growing IT companies and annually produces up to 4.7 million tech graduates. HackerRank ranked China first in a hypothetical analysis of countries qualified to compete in a "programming Olympics." 

However, there are a couple of potential drawbacks here. First, only 10 million of China's residents speak English, posing a significant communication challenge for many international employers. Second, China has a reputation for lax enforcement of intellectual property (IP) laws. This can be avoided by hiring a reputable company and establishing clear rules before you begin working together.

Salary ranges for software developers in China typically range from 189,000CNY ($27,695.96) to 357000CNY ($52,314.59) per year. 

Local experts have the skills required to build software projects based on popular technologies such as Python and Shell. These include Big Data-related projects. The primary and secondary education sectors are primarily concerned with technology and mathematics.



Over 5 million programmers reside in India. According to TopCoder's ranking, Indian developers are among the top ten most skilled software developers in the world. SkillValue ranks them 35th out of 100 countries that have the best software engineers.

However, there is one major issue that the Indian IT industry is facing: According to Aspiring Minds, less than 5% of candidates can write correct custom code. As a result, over 95% of developers worldwide are unfit for the job.

Nonetheless, India's IT service exports had reached $86 billion in fiscal year 2021.

Hourly rates per developer here between $18 and $40 per hour (according to PayScale and Glassdoor).

The level of English is mostly intermediate in India. 



According to HackerRank, Taiwan has the seventh most skilled developers in the world, with strong expertise in areas such as functional programming and data structures. Taiwan's government has also made significant investments in their goal of becoming "Asia's Silicon Valley" through improved STEM education and IT infrastructure.
However, this does not necessarily imply that Taiwan is the best place to hire a developer. Taiwan ranks 40th out of 80 non-English speaking countries in the English Proficiency Index.

Specific figures from the programming community are difficult to come by, but this figure suggests that if you want to hire a coder from Taiwan, communication barriers could become a major issue.

According to PayScale and Glassdoor the services cost for a developer between $18 and $40 per hour here. 

English level is intermediate in general. 

Latin America 

Because of its location, Latin America ranks among the top five best countries for hiring a developer. North American countries frequently choose Latin destinations because of their developer fees which are relatively low and minor cultural distinctions. 





Brazil has approximately 6.18 million English speakers and a government that is working hard to improve technology education infrastructure. Brazil is an up-and-coming country for software development due to its unusually young workforce (38.18% of the population is under 24 years old). 

However, the Brazilian IT community is still in its infancy. Brazilian programmers averaged only 71.3% on HackerRank assessments. Brazil is a great place to find junior developers, but for more advanced projects, you should look elsewhere on this list.

According to Clutch, web development costs $25-50 per hour for a developer. 

Popular programming languages include Java, Python, and SQL.



The majority of Argentina's companies and marketplaces have the necessary skills to handle complex projects like data migration to the cloud and software development. Over 70% of students are currently enrolled in university programs related to computer technologies. 

According to Clutch, web development costs are various between $25 and $100 per hour. Popular programming languages include Java, Python, SQL, and the development of distributed systems.

Final Thoughts 

Each country from mentioned regions has its own advantages and disadvantages. But Eastern European developers differ from other ones in a positive way: 

  • Prices and quality. 
  • High Level Of Education. 
  • Rich Technical Skills. 
  • Great communication and English skills. 
  • Fair rates. 

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