Wanna hire a Top Developer? Let’s Take A Look At Why You Should Observe an Europe IT.

May 19, 2022
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European developers prove their deliverability every day giving the best service. Let’s dive into why software engineers from this region are so professional.

It might be confusing why you should keep an eye exactly to developers from Europe? You can be definitely sure you have a deal with skilled coders if you hire developers in Ukraine, Poland, Hungary or in other countries Europe. Their pool of software engineers has a strong position on a competitors service market and here you can find Top 5 Reasons proving that. 

In this way, let’s start our conv 😊

Talent Pool

Europe has estimated an imposing number of vetted developers, almost 900.000 and this number is constantly growing day by day. 

Research shows us that Ukraine has ~200.000 software engineers, Poland - almost 280.000 and such European countries as Romania, Hungary, Chezh Republic equally ~100.00+ developers each:

TalentPool .png

According to these stats you certainly can find your ideal developer due to the rich and wide talent pool of software engineers. You may agree with this but you undoubtedly ask for education verified, aren’t you? Let’s go further.

High Level Of Education

Most of the mentioned number of software developers have at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science. BTW, European universities are usually on top in all rating systems. Moreover, 83% of Ukrainian engineers graduated from universities with master’s diplomas. 

And they don’t stop on this 🚀. There are many online educational platforms such as Coursera, Udemy and so on where software developers not only check their knowledge of existing skills but also learn something new. 

Developers from Europe have a boundless curiosity which was best exemplified by their technical background. What does this mean? Let’s jump below.

Rich Technical Skills


Eatern Europe IT region is always staying tuned on the latest trends in the tech sphere. As we noticed, engineers here are unstoppable in their learning and practice their skills taking part in a wide range of projects (e-commerce, fintech, healthcare, IoT, AI etc) and it gives a rich experience.

It’s regular that European software developers who are expertised in front-end development know not only JavaScript and it’s frameworks but have experience in backend side too. 

Of course, programmers from different countries of this region have their preferences. For example, in Ukraine the leading languages are JavaScript, Python and Ruby. As for Poland - they give their shot to the same technologies. But common thing for every European developer is that they are masters in what they do ✅.

Great communication

Well, you know about technical skills of developers from Europe but what about soft skills? They are masters in these too!

Software engineers from this region are really good in English, the level of spoken and written both is pretty high. And it gives the perfect opportunity to build a strong communication with clients. The last ones appreciate that developers not only can give a ‘plain technical answer’ to their questions but also can add and explain detaily some valuable solution for a customer's product. 

Thanks to the soft and tech skills it’s not a surprise that European developers work in companies that cooperate with US and UE businesses. 

Fair rates

You may think hiring a developer from Europe is a high-cost pleasure including all the saying above? No, it’s not 😊

Let’s face it, the price-quality correlation is the first thing you would check before shortlisting service providers. And here is why software engineers from Europe prove that excellent quality meets reasonable rates. 

What else makes rates so ‘attractive’ in this region? Yes, taxes. Hiring a developer from Europe means that you are exempt from paying tax to the Payroll Fund. And this is quite opposite from hiring employees to the core-team, in the state. In the same way, the rate of each developer is fair and higher compared to other developers from other regions and it means that fair pay is a good motivation to deliver an excellent quality. 

Stats shows us that average rates per hour for a developer is $30–$60 in Ukraine, Poland - $45-69, Bulgaria - $39–$56 etc. You can look at the stats below:


As you can see, a great value to cost ratio 🔥

All of above empathize that developers from Europe come with high-quality service and are the best shot as reliable technical choice. 

Seems understandable to ask where you can find such professional software engineers? 

We have an answer for you - here, at Devler.io

Devler.io is a comfortable platform where clients can get professional software development.

Our Big Idea - to be a trusted partner in the IT industry, providing fair and profitable cooperation conditions for clients from all over the world and a qualified community of developers from Europe. 

We act as a guarantor and a digital bridge between clients and developers, defending the interests of specialists. Our value is fairness for both clients and the Developers Network.

Devler.io can provide you a Top Developer, on a full-time or part time basis depending on your project needs. Our developers are independent which means they work directly with you. 

Also we have a strong vetting process. We are confident that every programmer at Devler.io is expertised so our clients deal only with Devler professionals with English fluency and great soft skills. We select candidates based on your requirements and we are sure enough in the skills of each of our developers. In the same way, every Devler is motivated to bring high value to you and your project because of his freedom in choosing projects, flexibility and last, but not the least, higher salary. This is explained by the fact that the hirers, for example, in Ukraine pay almost 40% tax for each developer which affects on the salaries of the last ones. Devler is a unique platform which allows redistributing funds from taxes so each developer gets a fair and bigger salary compared to the others on the service market.

Wrapping up, highly educational, a huge talent pool with rich technical skills combined with ability to build strong and valuable communication with clients - these all about European Developers. It’s no longer a question why you should pay your attention to software engineers from this region. 

You can easily hire developers with Devler.io - just fill out the form and you’ll be extremely surprised how fast we find you a talented and skilled developer.

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