Devler.io’s vetting process. Step-by-step guide on how we check developers

Aug 29, 2022

The most important aspect of the vetting process for both developer and company is ensuring that work will be with the right people. There are over 100,000 software development companies (marketplaces, platforms, outsourcing agencies etc.) and an estimated 20 million software engineers worldwide. The vetting process helps to form such a strong team of developers exactly matching team culture and customer satisfaction.  

The Devler.io vetting process is not for the faint of heart. Furthermore, we are screening not only developers but also customers. The advantage here is that the matching 'pair' of developer and customer will be happy working together. So it's a two-way street.

But first, let's focus on the Devler.io developer vetting process. We have a strict check of engineers skills in place to find experienced developers to join our Dev's Network. How can you pass it and become a part of our strong community? Let's take a look at 4 crucial steps to accomplishing this:

1st step: Apply to join

This is the first and very important step. Prepare your CV, LinkedIn profile link and location and send it to us through our form. Don't forget to include any previous experience and tools you've used. Be aware: only developers from Europe can apply to join Dev’s Network. If you wondered why, you are welcome to read this piece

Here’re some useful tips on how to form your CV: 

  • One-page resume

HRs do not have the time to read your resume all day. They look at it for less than 6 seconds on average and then, if they are interested, take a deep focus on important things. Keep it brief and to the point.

  • Divide into sections 

Such as Header, Education, Employment, Software Projects, Skills. Sort the sections in ascending order of importance.

  • Each section should have a consistent layout and font

Make certain that each section has a consistent appearance. A consistent style is important because it improves readability. Readability is crucial.


Tools to assist you in preparing a great CV: 

You won't have any trouble selecting the best template with their premade resumes; following the style guide makes editing a breeze. Examine real-life examples of candidates who landed their dream jobs. 

There are hundreds of professional resume templates to choose from on the platform. And if you believe your chosen template could benefit from some additional sections or a complete redesign, you can easily make these changes without having to start from scratch.

You can select from a variety of pre-designed templates based on your profession. You do not need to manually format or arrange the layouts because everything is already done for you.

This tool allows you to quickly and easily fill out your resume by retrieving information from Facebook and LinkedIn.

You don't have to worry about the layout because its resume template takes care of that for you. You can fill out the form fields with whatever information you want, and your resume will be created.

After sending your application you should wait for a message from our Talent Assistant. You can talk about a comfortable time for a call to meet the next step of the verification process - English check. 

2nd step: English and soft skills check

If you passed the first step - let’s chat! We would like to get acquainted with you and hear about your experience. You should check your messages in place to confirm an invitation to the meeting. 

Communication is essential for us. In general, a great number of developers from Europe have an intermediate or higher level of English. But if you want to be a part of Dev’s Network your English level must be advanced. 

Here are a few pieces of advice from Devler.io on how to prepare for this step:

  • You can join the Telegram Channels for practicing English every day. Here is a list of Telegram Channels which can be helpful for you (not only to improve your English but tech skills too). 
  • You can use services like Preply for communication between people from all over the world. Platforms like this one not only teach you how to lead a talk politely and grammatically correct but also can turn off “shy” boundaries which can also affect communication. 
  • To improve your written communication it will be good to post as much as possible. It can also be non-related to work: you can chat on Discord, or start a blog where you can answer your followers' questions. 

You definitely should read about mastering your soft skills, here is a helpful article about this. 

Let’s move on to the next step - hard skills check. 

3rd step: Show your expertise 

Imagine, you successfully passed the previous two steps of the vetting process and you are invited to pass a tech check. Of course, even if you are strong enough in your expertise, you can be a little nervous about this step (yes, Dev’s Network Members can be only senior developers). 

What should you expect on this step? 

You will be interviewed by a tech specialist with skills relevant to your CV by a question-answer format. Questions can be asked in a variety of formats, such as a regular question or a code snippet where you need to find a mistake or, alternatively, what should be added to make it work as it should.

Be ready to answer questions not only theoretical but technical as well. Moreover, you should be prepared to share your knowledge answering some tricky questions such as “How to rollback a specific migration in Ruby on Rails?”, ‘’Why do class methods in ReactJS need to be bound to a class instance?” and so on. 

Let’s take a deep breath and focus on how to prepare for a hard skills check: 

  • Searching

It’s really important to always find time for learning some new things. There are literally hundreds of resources to do it (like Medium). You can pick up some news feed which is relevant for you and always be updated about the latest news in your area of expertise.   

  • Improving

Practice your knowledge on doing tasks. Of course, you might think you are already strong for this, but doing tasks is a great way to recall some things and be confident that you definitely know this or that method, function etc. Such platforms like CodeWars and Edabit could be helpful. 

  • Mastering

Being a member of such platforms as ExercismHashnodeKaggle etc could benefit you in practicing pair programming, learning brand-new techniques and libraries you didn't know before. 

And, finally…

4th step: Become a Devler

You did a great job - you passed the vetting process from Devler.io and can join to Dev’s Network. Congratulations!

Now, you can start to code - pick up an interesting project from the selected ones which totally match your skills and rate. Write a clean code, keep your Work-Life Balance, and Devler.io will take care of the rest. 

Now you know all about the Devler.io vetting process and if you're a self-organized, experienced developer and fluent in English you have a chance to show your skills. 

Fill out the form and Become a Devler

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