TOP 9 Freelance Platforms: Complete Guide On Where To Work in 2023

Dec 28, 2022

Over the past ten years, freelancing websites have significantly increased in popularity. Many developers use freelance job websites to look for opportunities and reliable gigs and clients. And you, dear reader, might not be an exception. 

To find the best freelance job sites for locating suitable opportunities, we reviewed a bunch of different ones. We made our selections based on factors such as quality, industries served, quantity of opportunities listed, costs, and more. Come on to review the Top 9 Freelance Platforms to make the process of searching for a job more convenient.  


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Website access fee: Free (Basic), $49.99/month (Plus)

Upwork is the best freelance site for finding general freelance jobs because it has the largest freelance platform and publishes more than three million job listings each year. It's the ideal location to begin developing a portfolio and look for various types of freelance work. The projects listed on Upwork's job board could match your qualifications and experience almost every day. 

Upwork Features: 

  • 20% off the first $500 billed to a customer.
  • 10% for lifetime billings with a client ranging from $500.01 to $10,000.
  • 5% for lifetime billings with a client in excess of $10,000.

Upwork Pros:

Upwork Cons: 



Website access fee: Free

By only hiring 3% of all available freelance talent, Toptal’s platform for freelancing has developed quite a reputation. Employers who use Toptal can connect with very specific freelancers, such as software developers, product managers, web designers, and finance specialists. Several of Toptal's top clients have included Bridgestone and Airbnb. 

Toptal Features: 

  • Difficult selection process for developers, so you should be really sure in what you are doing to be listed as a developer on this platform. 
  • The employment service primarily employs senior-level programmers (high-level pros). 

Toptal Pros: 

Toptal Cons: 



Website access fee: Free 

Devler.io is a platform for matching great products and skilled developers from an exclusive 

Community of Devs League from Eastern Europe. Devler.io is relatively new on the market but already gained popularity among developers. This platform offers a unique combination of flexible working which allows you to keep up with your Work-Life balance on a high level of satisfaction. 

If you are a skilled developer from Eastern Europe with an excellent English level you are highly welcome to work on Devler.io. 

Devler.io Features: 

  • Only vetted clients. Devler.io checks not only developers but customers too so you can be sure you will be involved in projects with verified clients. 
  • All communication between you and a client is direct. 
  • Reward options include SWIFT transfer, Wise or Payoneer. 

Devler.io Pros:

Devler.io Cons:



Website access fee: Free 

In contrast to earlier platforms, Lemon.io caters primarily to startup founders. They were established in Kyiv, Ukraine, and currently employ over 300 developers from 26 different nations in Europe. They assist business owners in locating the ideal candidates with particular abilities and outlooks from their talent pool. 

Lemon.io Features: 

  • Capability to cover all types of projects, including both short-term fixes and long-term hires. If you know you, as a software developer, will not be able to work full-time, you can pick a part-time option.  
  • Payment system with a fixed rate and an easy-to-use interface.

Lemon.io Pros: 

Lemon.io Cons: 



Website access fee: Free 

Due to the fact that many of its sellers offer services for as little as $5, Fiverr earned its name. To date, the platform has processed more than 50 million transactions. One gig is actually sold every four seconds. Because of its reputation for providing inexpensive gigs, Fiverr was selected as the best platform for beginners. This makes it appropriate for freelancers looking to develop their portfolios.

Fiverr Features: 

  • Platform takes a 20% commission of every sale made (Including tips) and holds your payment for 14 days after you complete a job because they offer a 14-day refund guarantee to clients.

Fiverr Pros: 

Fiverr Cons



Website access fee: Paid membership 

By utilizing remote workers from all over the world, Truelancer offers startups and SMBs more affordable alternatives to local freelancers. Business-related services like writing, sales and marketing, SEO, design, and development are handled by them. So, you as a remote freelance developer can easily find job opportunities here. 

Truelancer Features: 

  • It has over 500,000 employers registered.
  • Provides Dedicated Support and Guaranteed Satisfaction.
  • It offers email and phone customer service.

Truelancer Pros: 

Truelancer Cons: 



Website access fee: Free 

At Freelancer, clients hire a software developer for specific projects from a pool of 50 million people with as many as 1,800 different skills. Here, you can choose between the free plan and the Preferred Freelancer Program, which gives you preferential access to job listings and lower fees. According to reports, Preferred program participants make $1,000 USD more than the typical freelancer in just six months. 

Freelancer Features:

  • Projects with a fixed price: 10% fee or $5, whichever is greater.
  • Popular among clients who are looking to find experienced developers.
  • Account that has been inactive for six months or more: $10 per month.
  • Employer referral: There is no fee for any work booked with that client.

Freelancer Pros

Freelancer Cons



Website access fee: Free (Free Tier), $35/month (Personal Basic), $47/month (Personal Plus) 

The freelance marketplace run by Guru boasts up to 800,000 customers worldwide. The fact that they have a 99% customer satisfaction rate is even more impressive. If you are a developer, you're most welcome to sign up for Guru. The best part of choosing to become a paid member is that you can actually skip lines by improving your ranking and grabbing customers' attention. 

Guru Features: 

  • It’s free to make a profile on Guru, but the platform sells tiered membership packages to help boost your rankings in search, send messages to clients before bidding on a project, and up the number of jobs you can bid for. 

Guru Pros: 

Guru Cons:



Website access fee: Free 

PeoplePerHour, a freelance platform with headquarters in the UK, has so far brought together over 1 million freelancers and clients, primarily startups, for project-based and hourly work across the globe. Before you can sign up as a freelancer, you must go through an application process and get approved by the site's moderators. Once you've been accepted, you can focus on building your profile, looking for available opportunities, and making unique packages to reflect the range of services you provide.  

PeoplePerHour Features: 

  • Platform offers a good start for low- and mid-level freelancers looking to advance their careers.
  • PeoplePerHour secures the client deposit right away, so you never have to worry about not being paid as a freelancer. 

PeoplePerHour Pros: 

PeoplePerHour Cons: 

Our roundup of the best 9 Freelance websites in 2023 for finding work and making money online is not ultimate, of course there are a lot of other sites you can work on. But be sure, our list has only verified platforms. However, before signing up for an account, double-check how each freelance website works by yourself. Take into account the payment system, withdrawal method, and service fee. 

If you are a self-organized developer with 5+ years of experience and advanced English skills, don’t hesitate to become a Devler - you can be your next valuable part of Devs League 😊 

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