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Why Glasgow?

Glasgow operates in a convenient time zone and boasts a high concentration of offshore developers across various specializations.

In addition, you’ll pay twice less compared to London and other major cities. The average annual post-tax salary for remote developers in London is around £45,455. At the same time, remote developers typically earn a post-tax average wage of £29,335 in Glasgow. Big difference. does it?

One of Glasgow's main attractions is that developers enjoy more affordable living expenses. This means that even by offering lower salaries, you can still attract highly skilled talent to your team. The affordability factor positions Glasgow as a good destination for building dynamic and cost-effective remote development teams.

How does it work?

  1. Fill in the application form 
    The first step is to fill out an application form and specify all essential details about the candidates you seek.  
  2. Initial consultation 
    Share your project requirements, deadlines, and preferences with us. Address any queries or uncertainties during this call. 
  3. Portfolio Review 
    Following the consultation, you can access profiles and portfolios of talented Ruby on Rails developers who are available for hire. You can evaluate their skills, experience, and previous projects to gauge their compatibility with your needs and to hire freelance developers in Glasgow. 
  4. Direct Communication 
    Find a programmer who resonates with your vision and project requirements. Initiate direct communication to discuss your project specifics in more detail.

Why Devler.io?

  • Highly-skilled talent network  
    Hire blockchain developers with diverse skills that perfectly match your needs. Skip the tedious and long-lasting hiring process where finding the right candidate may take months and cost you an arm and a leg.  
  • Effortless hiring  
    Our rigorous testing procedures ensure you hire Python developers who excel both technically and culturally within your team. Focus on the strategy and the most critical tasks and leave the nitty-gritty recruitment details to us. 
  • Expert guidance 
    From the initial search to the last step of hiring the right candidate, get personalized support throughout the whole process. 
  • Face-to-face interviews 
    Go beyond technical skills to assess problem-solving abilities and cultural alignment. Live coding exercises ensure you find a developer who excels in every way.

With Devler.io, you have…

Still have questions?

  • Pricing: Hire freelance coders without breaking the bank. Our transparent pricing models let you see exactly what you'll pay, take control of your project costs, and avoid hidden fees. 
  • Technologies: Discover the diverse skillsets among our team of developers, spanning a broad spectrum of technologies and specialized knowledge. 
  • Selection criteria: Learn about our rigorous vetting process, meticulously crafted to maintain exceptional quality standards and guarantee that only the most elite talent joins our platform. 

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