Overview of software developers in Latvia

Jan 23, 2023
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Latvia's economic growth has accelerated since the country's accession to the EU in 2004. According to official statistics, Latvia has the 3rd lowest deficit and the 5th lowest public debt in the EU. 

Data in this article will show you why delegating software development to Latvia would be a valuable option to consider. Here is a small hint: if you're looking for a specific option to optimize software development costs and to hire a tech team, Devler.io, a platform of vetted developers from Latvia, can assist you with this. Coming back to why Latvia is a great place to hiring an offshore software programmers, here are some statements about 👇

Quick Spotlight of IT Market in Latvia

Software development outsourcing Latvia's cruising industry is one of the fastest growing in the country. Software development is critical to the country's exports, which keep Latvia as one of the region's budget surplus economies. Latvia's annual GDP is $34.88 billion, and it is growing at a rate of more than 4.6%

According to the Global Services Location Index for 2021, the country ranks 21st in terms of financial attractiveness, skills and availability, and business environment state. Furthermore, according to indicators such as infrastructure development, technological readiness, business sophistication, and innovation, the country ranks 41st in the 2022 Global Innovation Index. 

More than 43,000 Ukrainians have received temporary protection in Latvia since the beginning of the war. So, a good part of the Ukrainian refugees represent the IT market there too. 

Fastest Internet Connection 

The world is aware of Latvia's dependable and superior Internet connection. The so-called Baltic electronic highway, or multi-gigabit fiber connectivity, is suggested by Latvia, one of the Top-10 countries with the safest and fastest Internet speeds. Additionally, Latvia promotes all IT services by fostering a welcoming environment for international e-businesses.

IT Clusters in Latvia 


Over 6500 outsourcing and outstaffing companies as well as 400 start-ups are located there. Here startups range from those with high growth to those that are small and creative, operating in a variety of markets. After Estonia and Sweden, Latvia is regarded as an entrepreneurial hotspot on the continent, with hundreds of start-ups based in Riga, the capital, as well as Jrmala, the country's second-largest city, and Daugavpils, where coworking spaces and events are constantly sprouting up.

Why Should You Consider Hiring Developers From Latvia?


Businesses all over the world are choosing offshoring Latvia software development services for a variety of strong reasons. Here are a few vital ones:

👉 Education On A High Level 

Over the past 60 years, Latvia's government has made sizable investments in the nation's technology and computer science sectors. Since almost all of their top universities, such as the University of LatviaRiga Technical University, and the Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies, offer courses in IT and computer science, Latvia's IT sector is currently booming. Every year, over 1300 graduates are produced by Latvia's top technical institutions.

👉 Proficient Hard Skills 

Python is less common in Latvia due to the country's technological backwardness, but PHP is widely used instead. More complex enterprise level applications use Java or .NET so Latvia’s engineers are pretty skilled in these languages too. 

👉 Excellent Soft Skills and English Level 

Latvia is a superior and dependable top IT outsourcing country and business partner for you due to the majority of its citizens can communicate in three or more languages and almost all of them have spoken English fluently since high school. EF EPI can truly prove this - Latvia demonstrates High proficiency in English being in 25th place according to their worldwide ranking. 

👉 Fair Rates 

Payscale shows us that the average annual salary for a middle developer in Latvia is $27,000. So, it can be easily said that hourly rates for IT services is quite appropriate and states in range from $30 to $45. This price is slightly differ from other Eastern European countries, but definitely lower (without lack of quality) compared to North America, for example.  

👉 Convenient Time Zone

The Latvian project team will always be able to communicate effectively, efficiently, and without any issues, despite the very slight GMT+3 time zone difference. The time zone of Latvia allows for nearly continuous workflow and ensures that someone will always be available to provide you with project status updates.


Planning to engage a software team from Latvia for developing stunning apps? Click here, this checklist will be helpful. Of course, there are a bunch of options for hiring - outsourcing, outstaffing, freelancing etc. 

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