Looking for remote work? TOP 12 Job Boards for Software Developers

Mar 07, 2023
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Welcome to our Top 12 Remote Job Boards for Software Developers topic 👨‍💻 

We researched and chose the most suited job resources for those who are looking specifically for a remote position based on factors such as the quality of the job postings, user experience, and ease of use. Whether you're looking for entry-level or executive-level positions as a software developer, our list has something for you.  

We'll also provide some tips on how to use these remote job boards effectively, such as optimizing your resume and cover letter. So, whether you're actively looking for a new job or simply want to keep up with the latest job openings, you've come to the right place. 

Let's get this ball rolling ⚽ 


Ultimate List of Remote Job Boards 

Below you will find some interesting and unique places where you can place your resume: 


NoFluffJobs can be a good place to start looking for a new job. This website connects employers in the technology industry with technical job seekers. The platform is based in Poland, but it also lists job openings in other European countries such as the United Kingdom, Ukraine, Germany, and the Netherlands. NoFluffJobs caters primarily to software engineers and technical professionals which is totally great for you, as a software developer.


  • No Fluff Jobs prioritizes quality job listings, ensuring that job postings are genuine and roles are relevant to those who are looking for a job with relevant technical skills.
  • It connects job seekers and employers directly, eliminating the need for third-party recruiters or middlemen.



Jobgether is a remote job board that specializes in matching applicants with startup and small business work opportunities. The platform is based in Germany and focuses primarily on remote jobs in that country.


  • Jobgether focuses on job opportunities at startups and small businesses, which can be a great way for you to find unique and innovative roles for developers that might not be available at larger corporations.
  • This website is simple and easy to use, with a clean and simple design that allows job seekers to look for remote job opportunities quickly and easily.



Remotive is also one of the job boards that only posts remote opportunities. The platform's primary goal is to connect people with remote jobs in a variety of industries, such as software engineering, marketing, and customer service.


  • Job seekers can quickly and easily search for remote job opportunities on the website thanks to its user-friendly design and ease of use.
  • It also offers work resources for software engineers such as articles, guides, and a community forum. This can be beneficial for software developers who are new to remote work and require guidance and assistance.



HireBasis is a job board website that connects developers to job slots primarily in the United States. The platform is geared toward mid-to-senior-level programmers with experience in languages like Python, Ruby, and JavaScript.


  • This board focuses on remote job opportunities for hiring mid-to-senior level software developers, which can be a great way for skilled engineers to find relevant work quickly and easily.
  • Website only lists job opportunities that are exclusive to HireBasis.com, which means that job seekers will not find these job slots on other boards. This can be advantageous for software developers seeking unique and specialized projects.



EURemoteJobs is a job board website that connects developers and other professionals in Europe with remote job opportunities. The platform's primary goal is match people with high-quality job work options that offer competitive pay and benefits. 


  • Platform specializes in European remote job opportunities, which can be a great way for programmers to work remotely while staying within European time zones.
  • This job board focuses on providing job seekers with high-quality work slots that pay well and have a good balance between busiest working hours and private life. This can be beneficial for software engineers looking for well-paying work in Europe.



JustRemote is a job board website dedicated to matching coders and other professionals with remote work opportunities. The ultimate focus of the platform is to connect applicants with high setup that offer favorable wages and perks.


  • Website  focuses on connecting job seekers with high-quality remote job opportunities that offer competitive salaries and benefits. This can be advantageous for those who are looking for well-paying remote jobs.
  • Platform provides information about the software companies that post job openings on the website, as well as employee ratings and reviews. This can assist seekers in learning more about potential employers and making informed decisions when applying for software engineering jobs.



BestJobs is a job board website that lists job openings in a variety of industries, including software development. This resource primarily connects seekers with employers in Romania, but it also features job slots in other European countries. 


  • The platform offers details about the organizations that list job openings on the website, along with ratings and reviews from employees. This can help you learn more about prospective employers and apply for positions with knowledge.
  • It also offers career resources such as interview tips and CV writing advice. This can be a useful resource for remote developers who want to improve their job search and interviewing abilities.



WorkInLithuania is a job board website that connects applicants with job opportunities in Lithuania, a country in Europe's Baltic region. The website lists job openings in a variety of industries, including software development. 


  • It has a large number of job opportunities in the software development industry, including positions such as software engineer, full-stack developer, back-end developer and front-end dev.
  • The platform features jobs in Lithuania's leading software companies, including Telia, Barclays, and TransferGo.



VisiDarbi is a job board website that specializes in matching software developers with companies in Latvia. This site offers a sizable number of jobs in the software development sector in addition to job opportunities in a variety of other sectors, including healthcare, finance, and education.


  • Application procedure is simple on this website, which enables users to submit applications for jobs directly through the website.
  • The platform also offers resources for careers, such as guidance on creating an effective CV and getting ready for interviews. This can be a useful tool for job seekers who want to develop their interviewing and job search techniques.



RemoteOK is yet another remarkably well-liked choice to look for a job in software development. To help you decide which job postings to submit your application to first, "hot" rankings, for example, indicate when a position is new and attracting a lot of attention. 


  • This resource offers salary details for a variety of job openings, which can assist those who are in determining whether a position is a good match for their salary expectations.
  • It also offers resources for the community, such as a forum where job seekers can connect with other remote workers to talk about job openings, exchange tips and insights, and pose questions.



Pracuj.PL aims to match software engineers with employment opportunities in Poland. The platform offers a sizable number of job opportunities in the software development sector in addition to a variety of other sectors, including healthcare, finance, and education.


  • The application process is simplified, which allows job seekers to apply directly through the website.
  • It provides a mobile application for Android and iOS devices, making it simple for those who look for employment and submit applications while on the go. 



TheMuse is an essential option for software skilled developers looking for work, as it provides a diverse range of jobs, company insights, career advice, and an easy application process. 


  • Platform provides career advice and resources, such as resume writing tips, interview advice, and salary negotiation strategies. This can be a useful resource for job seekers looking to improve their job search and career development abilities.
  • It has a community forum where you can connect with other professionals in the software development industry, ask for advice, and share their experiences.

How To Sure That Job Board You Picked Is Worth It?  


Here we can suggest you to follow methods listed below: 

  1. Online reviews

You can read feedback from other job seekers who have used mentioned remote job boards on websites like TrustpilotGlassdoor, and Indeed. These websites provide reviews and ratings from users, which can give you a good idea of the platform's strengths and weaknesses. 

  1. Power of Social Media 

Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn can be a good source of feedback about job opportunities. You can ask for recommendations and feedback by searching for hashtags related to the platform or joining groups and communities focused on job searching. 

  1. Request referrals

If you know other software developers who have recently found work through remote job boards such as Remoteok, you can solicit their feedback and recommendations. They may be able to share personal experiences and provide insights that will assist you in making an informed decision.

  1. Company websites

Some companies that post remote job openings on job boards may include employee testimonials or reviews on their websites. You can also look at employee review sites such as Glassdoor to get a sense of the company culture and work environment. 

Tools To Help You Organize Your Experience 


Well, you chose a couple of remote job boards and now stuck with resume filling and modern rules to do it? Well, you are not alone so we conducted some research and gathered a list of tools that assist you in resume and cover letter writing to highlight all your hard and soft skills


Resume.io provides a variety of resume templates, including options for software engineers. It also provides useful resume writing tips and advice, such as how to highlight your technical skills and experience. 

LinkedIn Resume Builder

LinkedIn has a resume builder tool that can assist software programmers in quickly and easily creating a professional-looking resume. It pulls data from your LinkedIn profile and lets you customize the layout and format. 


Zety provides a variety of resume examples. It also provides useful tips and advice for writing an effective resume, such as how to optimize for ATS (applicant tracking systems).


VisualCV is a tool for creating a visually appealing and dynamic resume. It has features like video intros and interactive charts to highlight your experience and skills.


Novoresume is a resume builder created specifically for job seekers in the technology industry. It provides a variety of templates and formats from which to choose, as well as the ability to customize your resume with relevant skills and experience.

Devler.io - Your Convenient Way To Find Next Top-Notch Project

image (1).png

Devler.io is a comprehensive platform that matches vetted software developers from Europe and clients from all over the world. It is intended to assist programmers in improving their skills by participating in top-grade projects, keeping up with their Work-Life Balance, and collaborating with other members of the Dev’s League community

Here are some of Devler.io's features

The last word is always yours, so you can select not only a project, but also set the number of hours that you're able to deliver to catch a Work-Life balance.

Since we don't have any admin cost, your hourly rate expectations can be higher than the market average (vacations, bench, holidays, etc). There is no middleman (as there is at agencies) to steal your money.

Except for the money transfer fee, we will not charge you anything. You receive exactly what you earn each month. We add our small service commission to the client's final rate as transparently as possible.

No emails, just chat with a real person in lovely Telegram or WhatsApp using our bot Devler.io - DevlerBot. 

Would you like to know more about all the perks being a Devler? Click here 😊 

When looking for remote software engineering jobs, it's always beneficial to find exactly this unique job slot exactly for your expertise. 

Save this list and remember - if you are a skilled software developer with at least 5 years of experience and have good English skills - Become a Devler, it’s definitely worth it 🚀 

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