Top 5 Alternative platforms for hiring software developers in 2022

Jul 26, 2022
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You'll eventually feel the urge to enlarge your team of software engineers as your tech company or business expands and continually releases new features. Hiring individuals is one approach to the tech talent issue due to platforms like Toptal, Upwork and others. 

Here comes up a main question - what differs all these platforms? 

And why hiring developers with Devler.io can be a better choice compared to existing ones? 

Let’s begin with..  

🟠 Toptal  


TopTal is one of the most well-known websites that can assist you in finding a developer. TopTal was initially primarily meant for independent software developers, but in 2015 the platform expanded to accommodate designers as well. 

Toptal says that the website is home to the top 3% of developers. From coders to project managers, the gig website offers professionals in many fields and works with each customer to match the expertise they require.

You should first consult with a Toptal industry specialist before hiring a coder for your business. Then, a freelancer will be chosen for you to work with depending on your requirements and tasks. Payment is only made once your job has been done and you are happy with it. Asking for a different freelancer is always an option if there is a misunderstanding. 

Toptal features

The employment service primarily uses senior-level programmers due to the difficult selection process for developers (high-level pros). Toptal independent contractors are skilled in:

  • Development (iOS, Java, Python, JavaScript, etc.)
  • Design (Adobe Illustrator, Android, branding, data visualization, etc.)
  • Management of projects and products

What about Toptal pricing? 

Toptal's high hourly prices ($80-$200), which are fueled by large commission rates, may be too expensive for startups. 

🙂 So, Toptal pros are: 

  • highly capable coders
  • strict monitoring process
  • personal recommendations
  • trial period
  • established company

🙃 However, here we have some cons: 

  • large company overheads result in high prices and significant commissions, which are reflected in the cost of production
  • its position has frequently come under fire.
  • not practical for little tasks

Due to mentioned Toptal’s disadvantages you may think about hiring developer from another popular freelance marketplace - Upwork. Let’s talk about it. 

🟠 Upwork 


The most "mainstream" website where you can find and employ independent developers is definitely this one. Its global network of qualified freelancers and agencies can assist you in expanding your company. Additionally, you can effortlessly send materials via messaging and speak with your candidates directly.

By rewarding "accomplishments" to freelancers on their network, this marketplace seeks to steer you in the right direction. Achievements like "Rising Talent" are given to freelancers who are still relatively new yet have a high success record. A designation like "Top-Rated" can also be awarded to users who have been using the platform for a time and have a solid rating. This will aid in your decision-making.

Upwork features

To begin working on the site and post a vacancy, there is no cost. Joining Upwork is completely free. Here, you can choose the Upwork hourly rate or pay for a project. After that, you'll pay a freelancer per hour.

However, you deduct a commission of 3% from the Upwork fixed price when paying for a freelancing job. You will need to upgrade your account and pay a monthly Upwork charge if you want detailed recruiting tools.

What about Upwork’s pricing? 

Upwork places a strong emphasis on quantity and pricing, with independent developers competing for clients at bargain prices. As a result, charges can vary from $8 per hour to over $100 per hour.

🙂 So, Upwork pros are: 

  • numerous independent developers
  • choose talent based on your budget
  • instead of hiring talent for the full project, you can split the work
  • tier-based pricing (pay-as-you-go)

🙃 However, here we have some cons: 

  • no comprehensive screening process
  • finding great talent takes a lot of time
  • a low rate of project success

🟠 Recruitee


Recruitee is a collaborative application tracking and recruitment management system built on the cloud that is primarily intended to speed up essential hiring procedures. All sizes of HR teams that want to scale their hiring activity can use it.

Many small- to medium-sized businesses still use spreadsheets and their inboxes to find new employees. The appropriate tools are provided by Recruitee to update this procedure and give your hiring process a “old-fashioned” appearance. 

The platform makes sure that your job postings are simple to find and assists you in luring the best candidates. You can advertise your job openings using the tool's numerous capabilities.

Recruitee features

Recruitee may be simply integrated with your current HR software program. By doing this, you can increase efficiency and ensure that you never lose track of the best applicants in your talent pool.

In order to establish a seamless workflow, Recruitee also gives you the option to integrate your current applications.

What about Recruitee pricing? 

Three main pricing tiers are provided by the vendor, from $185 to custom premium rate.

🙂 So, Recruitee pros are: 

  • clients can submit a job on numerous job sites through this platform
  • options for integrating with other external applications
  • the tool makes collaborative recruitment easy

🙃 However, here we have some cons: 

  • recruiters are not permitted to post "remote" jobs or positions in several places
  • very limited interviewing categories

🟠 Freelancer


Freelancer is the world's largest freelancing and crowdsourcing website, serving a wide range of users and projects. Employers use this marketplace to recruit freelancers for jobs ranging from software development, writing, data entry, and design to engineering, the sciences, sales and marketing, accounting, and legal services.

Freelancer features

Employers can be confident that the information they upload as job advertisements is secure. Employers can also monitor the people they hire on Freelancer.com during billable hours to ensure that they are keeping their half of the contract. The platform also includes technologies that keep companies and employees in continual communication. This may be done online or on the go with Freelancer.com's mobile app.

What about Freelancer pricing? 

Pricing plans for using the platform include monthly payment up from $0 (free limited plan) to $599. Plus payment for the developer you are working with through the Freelancer marketplace.  

🙂 So, Freelancer pros are: 

  • the good quality talents due to rigorous screening
  • the programmers are entirely focused on your project
  • easily navigable software

🙃 However, here we have some cons: 

  • hard to communicate directly with developer: only on messenger provided by platform
  • it is hard to find quality talent for simple tasks

Of course, you might think that it’s simple to find another one, like Guru, Gun.io, Youteam etc but most of them have the same pros and cons like Toptal and Upwork have. How about taking a look at the Devler.io platform? Yes, it’s not an “old” established company BUT it’s a huge plus. 

🤔 Why? 

Devler.io combines all of the best practices from other platforms and, after addressing their primary drawbacks, gave the idea of hiring a freelancer an entirely new meaning. 

Let’s read more about it.

🟢 Devler.io 


Devler.io is the exclusive community of professional devs from Europe. 

This platform can provide you a Top Developer, on a full-time or part time basis depending on your project needs. Our developers are independent which means they work directly with you. Also we have a strong vetting process. We are confident that every programmer at Devler.io is expertised so our clients deal only with Devler professionals with English fluency and great soft skills.

We select candidates based on your requirements and we are sure enough in the skills of each of our developers. In the same way, every Devler is motivated to bring high value to you and your project because of his freedom in choosing projects, flexibility and last, but not the least, higher salary. This is explained by the fact that the hirers, for example, in Ukraine pay almost 40% tax for each developer which affects the salaries of the last ones. Devler is a unique platform which allows redistributing funds from taxes so each developer gets a fair and bigger salary compared to the others on the service market.

🙂 Devler.io features 

  • Strict vetting process

We have high requirements for the selection of each dev to join our network

  • High examination of English level 

Communication is important! All Devlers are fluent in English

  • Direct approach

You work directly with the developer as a full member of your team. Moreover, after a one-year contract with developers on the platform, you will be able to hire them directly. The compensation price is one-year commission based on the current dev's rate.

  • Say “No” to additional expenses

You only pay for hours worked by Devler - no sick leaves and no vacations, no commissions for the recruitment work which can be like 1-2 developer’s earnings.

  • Personal “Human” Customer Service

We appreciate your time and fix all unexpected issues asap

  • Only Europe based developers

No developers from India, China, or Africa at Devler.io. See the benefits of working with an European developer here

Let’s sum up all the mentioned points: 


Including all the above, Devler.io can be your win-win option whenever you are an enterprise company owner or startup founder. 

Hire developers with Devler.io!

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